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History of Art: Prehistoric to Medieval

greek urn

Amphora (storage jar), c. 520 B.C.
Earthenware, black-figure technique
H.(15-1/8 in.)


marble frieze of centaur

Parthenon: Centaur; marble, ca. 447-438 B.C.E.

ancient wall relief, mesopotamia

Stele of the Victory of Naram-sin: det.: Naram-sin, limestone, Akkadian Period, c. 2250 BC, about 6' in height

relief of charioteers

Siege of a City, detail: King Ashurnasirpal II holding the reins of his chariot and a bird attacking a warrior, relief
c. 875-860 BCE. Mesopotamian, Neo-Assyrian Period, from the Northwest Palace of Ashurnasirpal II at Nimrud, Iraq


head of venus, marble statue

Statue of Venus, Roman, after Greek original of 4th Century BC, 1st Century AD. overall height of statue, 4.5'

ancient relief sculpture man attacked by a lion

Mural relief from North Palace of Assurbanipal in Ninevah Lion Hunt of Assurbanipal, 669-626 B.C, alabaster


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