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EDUC.6226: Leadership and Research in STEM Education

EDUC 6227: Foundations of Student Learning in STEM Fields

Educators in this course will explore and analyze current research in STEM education, investigate how student performance data informs school and district program decision making, learn how to lead and empower teachers in the mapping of STEM curriculum across grade levels, and develop strategies to develop effective district-wide STEM professional development for K-12 educators.

Key Course Questions

Course Learning Outcomes

What does it mean to be a STEM education leader?

Clearly articulate and describe various attributes of a STEM leader and use current research and your own experiences as a STEM teacher to support your position.

What current research is guiding teaching and learning in STEM education?

Use a variety of resources to identify and describe current research guiding STEM education.

How can data be used to improve STEM teaching and learning in your district?

Use data to identify STEM areas of need in your district and make a plan to address these needs using a collaborative inquiry approach.

How can STEM professional development be used to improve STEM learning for all in your district?

Develop a long-term STEM professional development plan for your district.