How to Use Digital Profiles

Where do I start?

To begin, link to the UML Digital Profiles Home Screen by clicking here. Follow the link to the login, where you will enter your UML credentials. Upon logging on you will see this screen:


The information and reports you can generate have been customized for UMass Lowell. These can be changed by contacting the Administrator using the Contact Our Helpdesk link. 

DM's Guides

Digital Profiles offers a variety of tools to help faculty use their software. While this guide also provides such information, for additional help click here

Two main features

Once on the home screen you will see these two tabs: Manage Your Activities and Run Custom Reports.

These are two main features of Digital Profiles.

Manage Your Activities is where you input all your information (See Entering Data for a full description of this feature) while Run Custom Reports is where you download various forms and CVs (See Displaying Data).