How to Use Digital Profiles

How do I run a report?

The second key feature of Digital Profiles is its ability to automatically generate forms that you need throughout the year. These forms include Form 6, Form 16A, and the NIH and NSF Biographical Sketch. 

To begin, select the Run Custom reports tab on the left navigation on DM. You will then see this screen:

Step 1 asks which form you would like to download. For more information on the types of Forms see right. Step 2 asks for a start and end date. This allows you the option to display one, several or all the years in your career. Step 3 is only displayed for Form 6 and 16A, here you will select which track you are on (non-tenure, tenure, tenured). Step 4 asks which format you would like to export the form (Microsoft Word, PDF, etc). Lastly, step 5 asks for a page size. 

Once you have selected all your preferences, click "Build Report" in the lower right hand corner. In just seconds a report will be generated in another application, where you can then print, edit, export, etc. 

Types of Forms

Personnel Form #6 

Form #6 is a comprehensive cover letter. This form contains everything on your full resume. DP will automatically generate this form in seconds after updating this information in Manage Your Activities. 


Personnel Form #16A

Form 16A is a professional vita for annual review. You must submit this form every year. DM makes this quick and easy for you, by simply pulling all relevant information from your data from the past year. 


NIH Biographical Sketch 

National Institute of Health (NIH) requires a biosketch to be submitted for research, training and fellowships applications. DM will automatically pull the needed information from your Activities tab. 


NSF Biographical Sketch

The National Science Foundation requires a biosketch when applying for grants for research. This form includes such data as publications, co-editors, contributors, etc. 

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