How to Use Digital Profiles

What are the benefits of Digital Profiles?

One of the most useful features of Digital Profiles on the faculty scale is its ability to generate and download reports. DP automatically formats these documents in a ready-to-use form. A full CV is accessible in seconds with the technology of Digital Measures. Some of the benefits DP has to offer:

Communication: an efficient collection of data to minimize unnecessary communication between faculty and administration: saving time and energy.

Reporting: Documents all necessary activities for easier personnel review processes, accreditation, reports and tenure decisions

UML Achievements: Promotion of UML through knowledge of faculty awards and achievements

Faculty Profiles: Maintain up-to-date faculty profiles on the UML page by linking information from DM straight to the UML website

Shared Research: Generate a database for shared research interests to streamline inter-campus faculty communication and research projects

Two Key Features of Digital Measures

UML's Profile Search  allows users to search by name or research keyword. This research tool also pulls information from Digital Measures, specifically "Key Research Areas" and "Detailed Research Areas". If you input this information onto the Digital Measures Personal and Contact Information tab and allow it on your UML Profile Page, site visitors will be able to find your profile based on a research interest

For example, if someone were to search "oil," all matching results would be displayed:

By simply clicking "more" the site will send you directly to that faculty's Profile Page. This powerful tool allows for efficient, easy communication between UML departments allowing for inter-campus research opportunities. 

A key feature of Digital Measures is its ability to link straight to your Profile Page on the UML website. Using DM you can customize what information you want displayed from teaching interests, social networking profiles, research areas, education, etc. Your data seamlessly appears on your profile page, updating as you update your DM profile. This allows for current faculty information on the UMass Lowell page which not only promotes you, the faculty, but also the University.

When entering information on most sections including Awards and Honors, Performance and Exhibits, Presentations, Grants, etc before saving you have the option to add this to your faculty profile page.

From the Manage Your Activities homepage you can also edit your Faculty profile under the Scholarship/Research section.

You will then be brought to this screen below, where you can add intellectual contributions to 
appear as "Selected Intellectual Contributions" on your profile page.


Once you have made your selections, your chosen attributes will be displayed on your UML Faculty Page. 

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