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The Town & the City: Lowell Before The Civil War


"The capital of the poor man" - The History of Public Health in Lowell

“The capital of the poor man” is a series of historical examinations by Brad MacGowan that will be published to the web as they are written. At this time, the first four are available here.

The capital of the poor man is his health.
The interest which he receives upon his capital is the wages of each day's labor. . . .
The health of the people is the real foundation upon which the prosperity of the city depends.
James C. Abbott Mayor of Lowell, Massachusetts Jan. 4, 1887

Part 1 - c. 13,000 BC to 1603 AD and 1604 to 1726 AD

Part 2 - 1721 to 1822 AD

Part 3 - 1822 to 1824

Part 4 - 1856 to 1836

Part 5 - 1837