What Are Predatory Journals?

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Jeffrey Beall,  founder of Scholarly Open Access

University of Colorado Denver librarian and researcher Jeffrey Beall, who coined the term "predatory publishing," first published his list of predatory publishers in 2010. After noticing a large number of emails inviting him to submit articles or join the editorial board of previously unknown journals, he began researching open-access publishers and created Beall's List of potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers. In August 2012 he posted his criteria for evaluating publishers,  with the second edition posted on December 1 the same year. In February 2013 he added a process for a publisher to appeal its inclusion in the list. 
The list was removed in January 2017. The link below is to the latest archived version.

There are astonishing number of predatory journals and also what are called hijacked journals, which are web versions of legitimate journals which do not actually have websites. This is a list of the archived titles of predatory journals from Jeffery Beall, http://beallslist.weebly.com