John Ingersoll Coggeshall


Very special thanks to Edith C.P. MacDonald

W. Bruce & Janice MacDonald
Charles S. & Patricia C. MacDonald Eaton
Jonathan C. & Fiona MacDonald
Charlotte LaPierre
Catherine Goodwin
Carol Duran
Kevin Harkins
Charles and Margaret Godwin
Guy LeFebvre
Molly McCarthy
Kathi Flynn
Gretchen Sanders Joy
Mark Bogard
Juliet Mofford

Archives of American Art, Boston, MA
George of Lowell
Godwin Gallery, Pepperell, MA
Lowell Camera Club
Lowell Gallery
Lowell Historical Preservation Commission
Lowell Historical Society
Lowell National Historical Park
Lowell Sun
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Whistler House Museum of Art


Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossoms