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Upton Bell Collection at UMass Lowell Libraries: Media and Links

Upton Bell Media

Upton Bell was recently a featured guest on The Football History Dude Podcast, hosted by Arnie Chapman. Check out the Upton Bell page on The Football History Dude's website and listen to Mr. Bell's three appearances.

June 5, 2019

June12, 2019

June 19, 2019


*This page is currently under construction. Check back soon to see how it develops! In the meantime, please enjoy the videos and photographs displayed now.

Upton Bell was interviewed by Bob Socci on the Gridiron and Beyond Podcast. Listen to the interview here: Bob Socci interviews Upton Bell

Bell Videos


Reviews of Present at the Creation Test

Photos- Bell


Bell Website

Links to Relevant Material

Links to Relevant Articles

Sports Illustrated, Orr, Conor. “The original draft bible, Polian on Jackson & more.”, 20 Feb. 2018

WBUR Public Radio, Baltimore And The Colts — A Bond 'You're Never Gonna See Again,' Upton Bell Says

NECN, The Take, Upton Bell Talks About His New Book About the History of Football

Gridiron and Beyond Podcast, Bob Socci interviews Upton Bell, 12-29-2018