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Sustainability in Higher Education: Initiatives

Study Sustainability at UMass Lowell

Climate Change and Sustainability is an interdisciplinary minor, under the direction of the UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative and housed in the Department of Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Students gain an understanding of the basic science behind climate change, the social and economic consequences of climate change and strategies for sustainability and climate adaptation. 

UML Undergraduate Courses (No or Low Prerequisite)

More advanced but critical to sustainable policy:

Current Initiatives at UMass Lowell

solar panels on roof with buildings and sky in the background

swiss chard growing out of a milk crate

Swiss chard growing on the roof of O'Leary Library

Nonprofits in the Sustainability Space

recycling bins

Recycling bins at UMass Amherst. The design of bins can have a positive effect on rates of recycling.