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The Art of Portraiture at UMass Lowell

Paintings and other art work located at O'Leary Library

Portraiture as Institutional Memory (Click on the images to view the full-size version)

Myron S. Freeman Trustee and Benefactor Lowell Technological Institute (1941- 1953)

30 ½” X35 5/8”


Harold W. Leitch Painting 


283/8”x 223/8”

George E. Maliaros

Daniel H. O'Leary
President Lowell State College 1950-75
Chancellor, University of Lowell 1975-77
Oil painting by Gardner Cox, December 1979

Louis A. Olney Head of Chemistry Department Lowell Textile School (1897-1928)/Lowell Textile Institute (1928-1945)

49 1/4”x 38 3/4”

On Verso: 

“Dr. Louis Atwell Olney Born April 21, 1974 Head of Chemisty & Dyeing Lowell Textile Inst. (1897-1944) First President of A-A-T-C-C Chairman of Research Committee (1921-1946) Editor “American Dye-stuff Reporter” (1919-1946) Painted from life by H. Bingham Ballous (Jan 1846) HB”

In 2014 the portrait of Louis A. Olney was moved to Olney Hall with the intent of putting it on display there, however it remains in storage. All of the other works are in need of conservation while they await public display in an appropriate venue.

Samuel Pinanski Chairman, Board of Trustees, Lowell Technological Institute (1951-1969)



Dean Richard W. Ivers

William T. Hogan
President, University of Lowell (1981-1991)
Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Lowell (1991-2006)

Black & white photograph portrait by an unknown photographer. Subject is unknown.

There is a production label on the back that reads:
"Eastern Photographic Services, Inc.
Framing Specialists
5 Webber St. Lowell, MA 01851
(978) 937-0101"

22.25" x 26"

Kenneth Russell Fox
President -- Lowell Textile Institute


Martin James Lydon
President--Lowell Textile Institute (1950-1953)
President--Lowell Technological Institute (1953-1971)

Everett Varney Olsen
President--Lowell Technological Institute (1971-1975)
Acting President--University of Lowell (1975-1976)

John B. Duff
President--University of Lowell

Oil painting of unknown subject by Vesper Lincoln Geroge.

32.63" x 37.75"