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Opposing Viewpoints: A Guide

transparent face of ex president donald trump superimposed on childrens faces
Photo by Tayeb Mezahdia            License

Opposing Viewpoints: A Guide

This guide has been created to assist students needing to research opposing sides of a controversial issue. The Library subscribes to several databases which present different sides of an issue. To find a range of viewpoints, try searching an issue in several of these databases and websites.

This guide contains links to three databases and videos which demonstrate the best ways to search within them. Also, in the left hand column of this page are a selection of links to websites which track bias and others containing fact based critiques of issues in the news.

Fact Checking Websites

Most of these sites have ads. Be aware as you use them that your attention is being exploited by advertisers. It is your choice whether you think the amount of advertising outweighs the usefulness of the information.