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Overseers in Lowell's Textile Mills

Lowell Labor History

Amos Green (1802-1881)

                                                    Portrait of Amos Green

Lowell Historical Society, "Album 3," p. 049.

Born in Stoddard, New Hampshire, in 1805, Amos Green began working at the Merrimack Mills in 1825. He was machinist in the repair shop, before he was appointed overseer of repairs around 1850.1 By 1870 Green held a sizable sum of $10,000 in real estate, which included a fine house in the Centralville section of Lowell, as well as a personal wealth of $5,000. He and his first wife Melinda had at least two children. Amos H. Green, the oldest, became a machinist like his father and later worked as a wheelwright. After the death of his wife in the 1850s, Amos, Sr., married again. He and his second wife, Maria, had two more children, but only the daughter survived to adulthood. Green continued working as overseer in the repair shop of the Merrimack into his seventies. He died in Lowell in 1881.

“Overseers in the Mills,” Lowell Daily Courier, July 12, 1872.