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Using the Internet Archive

Access to Titles in the Internet Archive

To read books in the Internet Archive, you need to create an account. Once you log in, most items can be borrowed for 1 hour at a time, while some can be borrowed for 14 days. Click the "Borrow" button to start reading. When the time is up, you can renew the loan if no one else is trying to access that item.

Very Important!

When you have finished your Internet Archive reading session, be sure to click the "Return Now" button, even if you plan to read the book at another time. This will make it available for others in the class.


Creating an Account in the Internet Archive

To create an account in the Internet Archive, navigate to or just Google Internet Archive. 

On the landing page, click the Sign Up button at top right.

internet archive landing page


Fill in the fields with your information, (the form will look like this):



internet archive sign up page

Click the Sign Up button, and you're done. If you can save the password in your browser it will autofill  each time you go to the site.