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Honors College Fellowships: Welcome

Honors College Fellowships

An Honors College Student Fellowship is a $1,500 grant given to a Commonwealth Honors student for pre-approved scholarly engagement that is overseen and guided by a mentor. Each fellowship must have a reading component, a writing component, and a speaking component. The student is expected to invest about 100 hours of focused effort. A single fellowship can be spread across twelve consecutive months, but cannot exceed. 

Please note: Students can only receive one (1) Honors College Student Fellowship.

The $1,500 grant is applied to a student's financial account. Typically, half of the award ($750) is disbursed at the start of the fellowship, with the second ($750) disbursed when the student satisfactorily completes the Final Presentation (15 minutes).

How to apply:

  1. Faculty mentor and student have already found each other: fill out the Faculty Mentor and Student Fellowship Application together and submit by September 24, 2021
  2. Faculty mentor has a project but needs help finding a qualified student: fill out the Faculty Mentor without a Student Application and submit by September 24, 2021.  Honors students will be notified about the opportunity.
  3. Student wants a Fellowship, but needs help finding a faculty mentor: fill out the Student without a Faculty Mentor Application and the Fellowship team will help to identify a faculty mentor with an appropriate project

Submit applications and any questions to

Note: Presentations will be held on the first Wednesday of every month from 6:00PM-7:30PM. 4 presenters (max) at each Fellowship Group Presentation. A Zoom link will be given to you once your presentation date is confirmed. Use the Fellowship Presentation sign-up link below when ready to present. 

Faculty Research Fellowship Opportunities

*If interested, please contact the faculty member directly.  


Faculty Mentor Contact Information Faculty Department 

Fellowship Description (Click for more information)

Jiabin Shen Psychology

Childhood injury prevention and rehabilitation research (opportunities all year round including summer)

Hsi-Wu Wong Chemical Engineering Waste Plastics Recycling
Zhenglun (Alan) Wei



Develop an ML-based estimation of TCPC hemodynamics using computational results as training data
Murat Inalpolat Mechanical Engineering

P1) Vibration and acoustics transmission from 3D-printed micro-lattice structures 

P2) Design and controls of an automotive drivetrain test rig.

P3) Controls and dynamic modeling of electric motors for electric vehicles

Christopher Carlsmith History  Editorial Intern for History of Education Quarterly
Christopher Carlsmith History

Honors Student Archives Assistant for Hellenic-American Archives Project

Barbara Bashabe Political Science Analysis of Facebook posts made by Presidential candidates in Uganda's 2021 elections
Ann Kronrod Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Applying Language and Text Analysis to Learn about Consumers
Shanna Thompson Center for Program Evaluation Center for Program Evaluation Honors Fellowship
Larissa Gais and Hilary Lustick 


Education Uplifting the Voices of Restorative Coordinators
Seung Woo Son Seungwoo_Son@uml.edy Electrical and Computer Engineering A Study on Durability, Performance, and Efficiency of Time-Series Database 
Yan Luo Electrical and Computer Engineering Cloud-based Timeseries Database, Visualization and Analytics
Mingdi Yan Chemistry Survey of pathogen-related research and education activities
Noah Van Dam Mechanical Engineering Computer Simulations of Multiphase and Reacting Flows
Jana Sladkova Psychology Exploring the needs of the Lowell Public Schools Abisi Adult Education Center: A Participatory Action Research Project
Natalie Steinel Biological Sciences Single cell analysis of the immune response to vaccination
Robai Werunga Education The effects of Touch Math intervention on the number recognition skills and 1-2 digit addition/subtraction skills of students with significant cognitive disabilities