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Find DVDs in the UML Library

Digital Media in the Library

Step 1, Go to UML Library Home Page

Go to the UML Library home page. Click the Catalog tab, as below.

library home page

Step 2, Choose Keyword

Choose Keyword from the dropdown at the left of the search box, and type in keyword relevant to your interests.

library home page

Step 3, Choose Format

In the list of formats at the left hand side of the screen, notice where it says Show More.

library home page results

Step 4: Choose DVD's

Self explanatory.

library results page

Step 5: Getting your DVD

If you see a title that you would like, either email Celine Beaudry or Meg Shields to let us know. If you want to check out a DVD you need to come to O'Leary Library, second floor, and speak to Celine Beaudry.