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ENGL.3245: Writing About the Environment

balck and white of a woman sitting by large boats
Rachel Carson,  Photo by U.S Department of Agriculture       PD

Welcome to Writing and the Environment with Professor Miller

The environment is more than just the great outdoors; among other things, it is also a product of the discourse surrounding it. In other words, the environment—and what we think, say, and do concerning it—is influenced by what other groups and individuals have written or said about it. Environmental debates are shaped by more than simply “the facts” surrounding environmental issues; they are also shaped by the persuasive tactics and stylistic choices writers and speakers make.

In this course, we will work to develop a critical awareness of how the environment is discussed and shaped through the written word. In this sense, we are studying “environmental rhetoric” (also referred to as “environmental communication” or “environmental discourse”).

Required Text

American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau. Ed., McKibben.

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