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Exemplary Dissertations in Education Research

Planning a Dissertation in Education Fields

Why Exemplary?

"Had we been charged with identifying the 'most outstanding' dissertation, I think we would have had a more difficult time reaching consensus. The emphasis on 'exemplary' was deliberate; while there could easily be differences of opinion about which dissertation is the 'best,' I think there could be little disputing the judgment that all five of the award-winning selections are exemplary, and can serve as models of high-quality research within their disciplines for others to follow. By identifying exemplary dissertations, the Spencer Foundation hopes to elevate the quality of dissertation research and writing that will be pursued in the future." 

- Adam Gamoran, Spencer Fellowship Committee for Awarded Dissertations


Awarded Dissertations

Recipients of the American Educational Research Association award:

Recipients of the Bobby Wright Dissertation Award, Association for the Study of Higher Education

Lists of Award Recipients

Dissertations awarded grant support by AERA, (American Educational Research Association)

    Funded Dissertation Grants

Dissertations awarded grant support by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR).

   Funded Dissertation Grants