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HIST.3490: The Cuban Revolution

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che guevara and fidel castro as young men- two men in uniforms with beards and berets one with arm thrown up in the air
Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, 1961    PD
photo by Alberto Korda, Museo Che Guevara,
Havana, Cuba

Welcome to HIST.3490

The Cuban Revolution has been surrounded by controversy since it began in January 1959. In this course, we will carefully consider the role of political perspective in historical and other academic writings, in print and visual media, and in artistic productions like feature films. As we do so, we will discuss not only the events that have occurred in Cuba during the last six decades, but also the ways they have been presented to audiences in Cuba, the United States, Latin America, and elsewhere.

About this Guide

The second page of this guide, (entitled Course Reading) contains all the content you will need for this course. The first section contains links to all the e-book titles mentioned in the syllabus and the second section contains links to the articles.