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CIVE.4750: Construction Management -DeStefano


Welcome to Construction Management

The course will offer

• development of management skills and techniques to plan, schedule, supervise, and control construction projects
• project estimating and bidding strategies
• labor costs and productivity
• construction plans, specifications and contracts 
• labor relations 
• time, cost and quality control
• construction equipment, safety, project decision making, and financing
• economic cash-flow analysis including depreciation, taxation, inflation, breakeven, and optimum equipment replacement.

Course Objectives

The primary objective of this course is to provide students with a sound understanding of the construction management industry and fundamental principles of managing construction projects.

Course Goals: Students are expected to demonstrate satisfactory performance of the following tasks upon completion of this course:

  1. Describe the general nature of construction projects including size, type and category and various project delivery methods.  
  2. Explain the role of construction manager, owner, design professionals, contractor, and regulatory agencies. 
  3. Describe construction management processes such as planning, cost estimating, contracting and bidding, quality control, project safety, and inspection. 
  4. Develop project schedules including CPM, PERT, and cost control plans for single and multiple contract management.
  5. Evaluate discounted cash-flow alternatives using economic principles and including depreciation, taxation, inflation, breakeven, and optimum replacement analysis. 
  6. Understand claims, change orders, and dispute resolution procedures.
  7. Understand fundamental labor relations and regulations related to construction contracts.  
  8. Understand the general provisions of construction and design professional contracts associated with various project delivery methods.
  9. Work in a team environment to prepare construction estimates, project schedules, and production control curve and present final products to the class.