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ARHI. 3350: The Golden Age of Spanish Art

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Library Recommendations

Art in Spain and Portugal from the Romans to the Early Middle Ages
Iconography in Medieval Spanish Literature by keller and kinkade
Art and Faith in Tridentine Spain (1545-1690) by Alain Saint Saëns
The Story of Spanish Painting by Charles Caffin
Objects of Culture by  Mary Barnard and Frederick A. de Armas
A Companion to Renaissance and Baroque Art by Babette Bohn; James M. Saslow
Myth and Identity in the Epic of Imperial Spain by Elizabeth B. Davis
ReVisioning: Critical Methods of Seeing Christianity in the History of Ar

Library Recommendations, (Print Books)

How to Search for Art Content in the Library Catalog

Exhibition & Collection Catalogs
          Museum Catalogs

             Perform an author search using the name of the museum or gallery.

            Use a keyword search adding "handbook," "guide" or "collection" to the name of the museum.
            example: Smart Museum of Art collection 

          Exhibition Catalogs
             For catalogs that  feature the works of individual artists, search for the artist's name as a keyword or               subject with the word "exhibitions"

Exhibition venues are often named in subject terms, for example, Musee du Louvre.
Try searching by publisher for gallery catalogs, for example, Gagosian Gallery.

-adapted from University of Chicago Library