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ENGL.3680-061: Feature Writing

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reporter's notebooks

Welcome to Feature Writing, (ENGL.3680) with Sandra Milller

In these changing times of journalism, feature articles have become more prominent than ever in both print and online publications. All writers who are interested in entering the field of journalism need the skills to find and tell these stories of the “news behind the news” in a meaningful and marketable way.

About the Course

This course will introduce you the increasing relevance of the feature story in the current world of journalism. You will acquire the skills to successfully research, write, and pitch feature stories for publication. The materials in this course will familiarize you with the lexicon, form, and craft of feature writing.

Throughout the course, you will:

• read and respond to published feature stories
• read lectures on technique that you will apply to your own writing
• interact with your classmates as you read and discuss feature stories
• write and submit three complete feature stories and write second drafts of two of those stories for a final portfolio