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Help with Article Quick Search (Ebsco Discovery)

What is Article Quick Search?

When you land on the library home page, one of the main tabs is called Article Quick Search. It's purpose is to search the Journal article literature. Just one search engine searches the vast majority of our scholarly journal databases and indexes. Currently, there are 600 million articles indexed by our Article Quick Search. You can:

  • Search broadly
  • Search narrowly
  • Search books
  • Search primary sources.

Article Quick Search is the name of the search engine for the library's journal content. It includes both titles the library owns and some it does not. If the library does not have access to an article, request it through Interlibrary Loan. Be sure first that the library does not own the title!

Understanding What You See

Sometimes you will see titles of journal articles that the library does not necessarily own but you can still get them. You will see the Request from Interlibrary Loan tab. This is a quick and easy way to get articles.

For instance if you search for an article and it says it is included in the Gale database, you will see the Full Text Finder links even though the library does not have it. When you go over to the Full Text Finder link page, the Gale link will be gone, and only your ILL link will show. If you click on this, an ILL request with the journal information already entered will appear. Articles are often available the same day, and within a day or two at most.

This may seem confusing at first if you use Article Quick Search often you will get used to it. Try it in the widget below.

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