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Content Accessibility

LibGuide Overview

Content Accessibility needs to be considered for access by all students regardless of their learning needs. To ensure that all students are able to access the information they need to be successful, UML LibGuides should strive to achieve these best practices.

LibGuide Structure Best Practices

A LibGuide that answers "yes" to all applicable questions would be deemed acceptable for content accessibility. 

  • Does this LibGuide utilize simple and consistent LibGuide shell design?
  • Is all related content organized on the same page/learning section?
  • Do the LibGuide utilize a consistent layout?
    • Same icon layout for all pages?
    • Same display options for all pages?
    • Consistent color scheme?
    • Logical order of content?
    • Are the LibGuide pages kept simple, uncluttered, with white space?
    • Does the LibGuide provide descriptive titles?
  • Do you have an introduction orienting the user about the materials of the LibGuide?
    • Do you describe layout of LibGuide?
    • Do you explain the types of content available in LibGuide (for example, there will be a combination of readings, videos, and PDFs for each module)?
    • If applicable, do you explain the features and tools that will be used or required (an example would be "the user will need to visit the UML Software site to download ReadWriteGold")
  • Is the Color Scheme appropriate for all students, meeting the following criteria:
    • Use default colors and layout for Learning Force?
    • Use high contrast color schemes (black and white)?
    • Avoid using color alone to convey information – do not present text with the following colors: red, green or pastels? A good example for emphasis would be - "All students need to have their final essay submitted no later than May 1.
    • Have you checked the page against one of the following tools?
  • Is there appropriate contrast on the page?
    • Is there a high contrast differentiation between background colors, text, and links (think black and white)?
  • Are all color-coded images accessible to student?
    • Does the LibGuide ensure that all color dependent images (example - Boston MBTA subway map) have a description for those who are color-blind or color-challenged? (This can be described below or linked to a description)
  • Does the LibGuide avoid using moving or blinking text?
    • For ease of access, it is ideal to avoid flickering, moving or blinking text, animated GIFs, etc.
  • Are all images accessible to all students?
    • All images should have alt-text descriptions. Images for background or decoration should be titled "background" or "artifact." Those images that relay information should have a description that defines the information presented. Images should have detailed alternative text description. do not use artifact or background if the image contributes to the conceptual impact of the page.