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Diaries, Memoirs, Poems, and Stories from the Center for Lowell History Collections

Harold Cowray

Diary 1823 

October 14, 1923 

Went to Christian Endeavor and walked 

home with Miss Ethel Vance. The beginning 

of the end with Barb! More to come and 

worse of it. 

Monday 15 

Went to work as usual and 

upon arrival home found a letter from 

Barbara. I wrote back tonight and told 

her all she wanted to listen to for awhile. 

Letter dated Sunday night. I showed it to 

Ethel and she found it quite a surprise. All 

former negotiations are broken?! Raining hard today. 

Tuesday 16 

nothing much doing except 

plenty of time to dream as the work came 

slow. Went to bed early. 

Wensday 17 

Late to work. Malcolm caught 

his finger in a “Dandy Rover” and I caught 

mine in the main driving left. 

Saturday 20 

Went down to Ethels and from 

There to the car, thence the Opera House to see 

“Wild Oats Lane.” One dandy play. We enjoyed 

it very much and after the show we caught the 

11:20 home. I arrived home the next day. 

Sunday 21 

Church as usual. I took collection. 

Went down to Vance’s afterwards and 

stayed then till Christian Endeavor. Then home 

to Ethels until 11:03. We made plans to go 

on the following Saturday to the Opera to see 

“The Lady of the Scarlet Poppy” Both delighted 

with events of the last two days. 

Monday 22 

Rain as usual. Funny, every day 

I go to see Ethel it rained next day. Hot dog. 

Nothing much happened this week. Excitement 

sure to follow the calm. 

Saturday 27 

Hurrah! Something doing, about time. 

We went to see the “Scarlet Poppy” tonight, 

pretty interesting but not like last weeks. 

Bot some candy and had a ride home with Nick. 

Sunday Oct 28 

Went to Church and after dinner 

Ethel and I went for a walk out in the pines. 

We landed at my house. No-one home. We stay- 

ed till quarter to six and Frank showed up. 

Christian Endeavor and supper at Miss Vances 

followed in order. A big contract was made 


Monday, Oct 29 

Malcolm fairly kidded my ear 

Off all day. Saw the new Chalmers to-day. 

Burns hit his fingers with a hammer. No noise. 

Oct. 30 

Two centers burnt out. I got hit 

with a steel clip on the lower lip. 

Oct. 31 

Jim fired some more help and kept me. 

Nov. 1-2 

Nothing doing except work and not very 

much of that. Somebody soaked for not ringing 

in their time and Jimmie’s German gets blamed. 

Tommie Martelle was at the Opera so we 

stayed home. No unusual excitement. 

Church and as usual Miss E. Vances company. 

A walk in the woods back of the house and 

then home. Mother had a very bad leg 

so Dad stayed home with her. We stayed 

till 5:45 then C.E. and 35 Watford ~. 


Nothing doing. Lowell sure is a 

dead hole. Burns had a good joke. 

Malcolm gave me some tips on “How 

and when to do it.” Some secret. 


We went to see “What every girl should 

know.” We found out at the Opera tonight. 

This was a pretty good show. Herb gave us 

A ride down back. 


This afternoon (Sunday) we walked 

up Ledge Hill and through the woods to 

the Isolation Hospital. The usual program 

of events followed. 

Saturday 17 

Lawful Larceny tonight. Good show. She 

liked it and thats all that matters. 

Sunday 18 

Mr. & Mrs. Goddards were there so we stayed 

and kept them company. Emma & Ethel and I 

went to Christian Endeavor and then to Vances as 

usual. A very interesting evening was spent. 


Supper and entertainment tonight at the 

Church. Plans for tomorrow night at 

First Congl. Church made. We went – Nov. 20. 


We went to the play called “Ye Olde 

Tyme Concert” and it was very good. I laughed 

till I cried. Were going to have a slashing 

good time. 


Choir rehersal tonight. Very brightening. 


“It’s a boy” – we went to the Strand 

instead. Good picture and terrible seats. 

I felt like a bull in a china shop. 


Nothing happened to-day. The only thing 

I can see out of the way is it’s Sunday. 

Dec. 1 

“Sky Farm” – we went and found it 

Equal to “Wild Oats Lane”. A very good play. 

Herb gave us a ride down and back. We 

got a shine and then to Kittredges for some 

candy and then to the Show. Eddie Moore 

and Agnes Boyce also occupied or rather 

held down two seats also. 

Church Sunday-school – Ethels – 

Christian Endeavor and Miss Vances 

home completed the days program. Rehersal. 


Church Fair two days. Our play 

which was scheduled for the second 

night fell through. I bot an apron and 

gave it to Ethel for a present. 


Choir rehersal Friday, pouring catfish 

Out. I went down Saturday night but 

we didn’t go to the show because we did- 

nt care for the title “The Bandit Man” 

We stayed home this afternoon and went 

to Christian Endeavor at night. Ethel played 

her violin tonight. She is going to lead C.E. 

next week. 


Day past quick. 


Nothing doing. Bot the Sat. eve tickets. 


I went down to Ethels before choir & 

then we both went down together. 


Opera tonight. We went to see “Pierre of 

the Plains” and it sure was a dandy play. We 

had a shine before we went in and a Hot Chocolate 

afterwards and we just caught the car in the square. 

I arrived home at 12:05 – Show out at 10:50 – Wow. 


We sang in the choir. After Sunday school 

we rehersed for the Christmas pageant. Then 

Ethel and I were planning for a ride in a (1924) Oakland 

Coupe (4 PM) Last night I bot Ethels Christmas present at 

Lavallees, a fine gold necklace with a sapphire 

stone. Some peach. If she only will like it. My 

last resort. If she don’t; well – I’m sorry that’s all. 

C.E. as usual then back to Ethels. This was the main 

event since our friendship started. Things happened 

tonight that never had happened to me in all 

my life before. (December 16 – a very big day in my memory.) 


Ethel went to a party of the girls she works 

with an I met her at ten thirty (P.M.) The Oakland 

dealer came up with a ’23 Sedan and I tried it 

out. Then I went to Alices and from there to 

“The Lowell Electric Light Office.” We arrived 

home about 11 P.M. Planned to meet Wednesday 



Wednesday night I called for Ethel and 

we went up to Francis Graves to make up 

some songs and cheers for the C.E. Union to be 

held Dec. 31 – We left there just after 10 P.M. I was 

a bad boy tonight because I stayed up with Ethel 

talking till nearly 12 P.M. But my reason was 

justified. Tonight she has made me the happiest 

I have ever known in my whole life. I am happy. 


Choir rehersal tonight for the Christmas 

music. I was relieved from strenuous work 

at the Saco. Lowell shops from Dec. 20, 1923 

until Jan. 2, 1924. Two weeks vacation without Pay. 

I bought the tickets last night for “Mary,” 

the Christmas week play at the Opera, Saturday. 

tomorrow night we will probably go to 

see “Robin Hood” at Merrimack square. 

“When you know your not forgotten, 

by the one you can’t forget; 

When you know the girl you left behind, 

Is thinking of you yet.” 


Went to see “Robin Hood” at the Opera House 

tonight. Fairly good show. Rode home with Mr. 

Earnest Wiggin. Left at 11:15 P.M. 


Two day to Christmas. Church as usual. 

Three special pieces by the choir and a short 

sermon. Rehersal for the pageant after church. 

Walked home from Sunday-school with Ethel V. 

After dinner to Ethels then church for the 

Pageant called “Why the Chimes rang.” Got 

out at 8:20 and stayed at “35 Waterford Street” 

till a “reasonable hour.” Monday looks like 

a day of work for me. Details later. 

24 Monday 

Snowing today. Everybody busy. 

Ethel has to work today but not tomorrow. 

Went out this morning & got a Christmas tree 

for Ethel and one for Bid Bartlett. They both liked them. 

In the afternoon, down city for some candy 

and a record. Up in Alice’s and home with Florrie. 

25 Christmas Day. 

Jumped out of bed at 5:45 to met Ethel at 

6:20 to go to the “Candlelight Service” We wouldn’t 

have missed it for anything. Walked home 

with Ethel and found Mrs. Vance sick on the 

floor of the bathroom. Left at 8:15 to feed “Baby” 

then breakfast and Wiggins with the horse. Back 

at 12:00 to shine silver ware until 1:30 then dinner 

at 2:00. Now the presents were opened after dinner. 

From Pa & Ma I recieved a pair of gloves and a 

silk shirt, from Ethel two hand embroidered 

handkerchiefs, from Florrie a silk scarf and 

a pair of collar buttons, from Frank a silk shirt, 

Mrs. Marshall, a box of candy, Herb a silk 

Handkerchief, Alice, a nice woolly sleeping 

Suit and from my sweetheart; a Moores 

fountain pen with a gold band on it 

with my initial H on the band. I love it. 

It was the best present of all my gifts. I 

gave Ma & Dad a “Sonora” talking machine 

and Ma cried like a baby. The biggest present 

in the house. Herb helped me bring it down 

from Marshalls. Then I went down to Ethels 

and she came back with me to see the presents 

and Gladys Cox and Bertha Mountain were their 

to see everything and every body. Then the Christmas 

tree at 6:00 at the Church, Ethels afterwards 

where I opened my present and also I gave her 

my necklace for her. Oh! Boy, wasn’t she pleased. 

I stayed till 12:15 with the hope of seeing her 

Saturday eve to go to the Opera House to see 

the Christmas Play called “Mary.” I have succeeded 

this day in making very happy the only girl 

I really ever loved or hope to love and she made 

me very very happy too. “Good by till Saturday.” 


Rose at 10:15 didn’t do much to-day. 


9:66 light snow coming down, cloudy 

guess more snow is on the way. Nothing unusual. 


Fish day. Snowing like blazes all day. I 

arose at 9:45 and breakfasted and cleaned up 

the house. Did some sewing also. Then to the 

bard to but a new back and upholster the 

rides of the sleigh. Back at 1:20. Bunk and 

Mother go to see “Mary.” Florrie goes out at 3:00 

and I have the house all to my-self. Nothing 

doing except get supper. Just waiting for Saturday 

night. Wish I could see Ethel. No choir tonight. 

29 Saturday 

Fed Baby and did some shopping 

in the new sleigh. A bath and a clean up 

before supper then Ethels to go to the Opera. 

I wore some of my new Christmas presents too. 

My silk socks, my new blue shirt, my new 

silk scarf and ‘neverything. 

29 Saturday Eve 

12:40 P.M. just arrived home 

from “Mary.” A dandy show but the chorus 

was rotten. 


Mr. Carrs 1st sermon after his acceptance to 

the Church. We both sang in the choir. 

(clipping of comic strip “Pantomime: But It Suits Them” by J.H. Striebel inserted in book) 

Home to dinner and Ethels at 3:30, very 

pleasant afternoon enjoyed. Details later. 

30 continued 

Arrived home Dec. 31 – Woke up about 

9:45 and hung around all day till 5:30. 

Ed Moore came up. Mr. Mertrude came over to see 

the Sonora. I left home at 5:35 to meet Ethel in 

front of Wardells at 6:10. Then to Worthern St. Ch. 

to the Lowell C.E. Union supper. Dandy talk after- 

wards. Left at 9:30 and walked home to Ethels and 

watched the old year out and the new year in. This 

started out to be the biggest evening I had ever had 

with Ethel but it did not end so. Arrived home 

quite late. Didn’t get up Jan 1 until 11:30. Dinner 

at 1:30. My mother, father, two sisters and brother 

were taken by me down to Mrs. Cox’s, my mother and 

Dad first, and Ethel & Frank afterwards to enjoy a 

birthday party in the afternoon and a good time 

in the evening. I left Ethel and Frank at Coxes 

at 5:45 and then went up to Ethels. We have 

planned to come up here and enjoy an evening 

alone, play all the records in the Sonora and 

then mark the record book and let her play 

the piano. Details later. 

1924 Jan 1 

Not much doing. Didn’t get up until 11:30. Dinner 

at 1:30. Then at 3:30 I hitched up the mare and took 

Dad and Mother to Coxes (4:00). Then back home to 

take Ethel and Frank down. Left there 5:20. Went 

up to Ethels on the way home hoping she could come 

up home with me; but I met opposition there. I finally 

persuaded Mrs. Vance to let Ethel come till 9.30 but 

no later. We enjoyed, so far, a very pleasant evening! 

10.20: - I took Ethel home at 9:30 and left at 10:00. Work 

tomorrow. Ethel was glad she came up. We had a nice ride 

with the sleigh too. 

Jan 2 Wednesday 

Work today. Late for the first time in the 

new year. Not very much work. Malcolm thanked me 

for my gift. Hurrah! One day nearer the grave! 

Jan 3 Thursday 

Nothing out of the way happened. 

Jan 4 Friday 

Same as yesterday. Fish day. Choir tonight. 

Jan 5 – Saturday 

no work today. Worked at home till 

1.30 then took Florrie to the depot in the sleigh in a 

driving snowstorm. Ethel C went too. Home to dinner 

quite late. A dinner, bath, a clean up, then a 

stroll up for her to go see “Thundering Dawn” at the 

Strand and it was a thundering good picture. 

Home at 11:20. Snowing like blazes all day. Snowing 

When I reached home. Ethel stayed at Whitakers. 

Jan 6 – Sunday 

Drifted quite a bit through the 

night. Horse, breakfast, church, choir, Sunday school 

and home with Hugh to dinner in the Bar? Down 

to Ethels in the afternoon, C.E. & 35 Waterford in the Eve! 

Jan 7 Monday 

Not much work, Shop put on piece 

Work. No orders in yet. Thought of Ethel quite a bit today. 

Jan 8 Tuesday 

Same as Monday. Had a ride to work in 

Genest’s Buick and go in twenty minutes to seven. 

I was hoping Ethel would call up tonight but I 

Guess she has forgotten me. Funny how they forget so quick. 

Jan 9 

Church supper tonight. Ethel’s going and I’m not. 

Wish I could but pay envelope says no! 


Four days this week. Three next week 

maybe. Better than nothing. Went up with 

Malcolm Moir to get the tickets for Ethel and I. 


Didn’t get up till 8:30 A.M. and worked 

around the house till afternoon. Then I went 

down and got a shave & haircut and from 

there down city, then to the Moon place, then 

my aunt Tiss’s. Gladys & Leonardo S.S. teacher 

came home to supper but vacated the premises 

directly after the eats. Uncle left at half past 

seven. Mother called up at 7:45 and told me 

E.V. had just phoned to tell me she had a bad 

cold and couldn’t come to rehersal. So I called 

up Ethel and found just her grand-mother 

and her alone. We had a nice chat over the 

telephone with promising news for tomorrow 

night. Played the talking machine and 

piano till 8.30. arrived at the church at 

8.45. Fair rehersal. Rode home in Mr. 

Winthrop Bartlett Ford car ----. 

Saturday 12 

Worked around home all day. 

A bath, shave and change at 4.30 and 

supper at six. Ethels at 7.00. Opera at 

quarter past eight to see “The Love Test!” We

both need it?!; :,. Details of the evenings pleasure 

will be forwarded later by the author in the 

second volume of the series, (to be continued). 

“The Play” 

“The Love Test” was given tonight at 8.25 with exceptionally 

good results. From beginning to end it was a perfect 

success. We have no seen such a play since “Pierre of 

the Plains” and “Sky Farm.” It was simply wonderful.. 

We didn’t get out till 10.50. Down at the Crown Conf. Co 

then out for a car at 11.15. No car in sight so 

we walked home by way of Moody Street though 

Tilden St to see the new Moon roadster in the show 

rooms. We arrived home at 11.45 and I left at 

12.00. Arrived on Varnum Avenue in time to get a 

ride home with Herb & Ethel. Choir tomorrow morning 

We have both enjoyed a very pleasant evening. 

Sunday Jan 13 

Horse, breakfast, church to sing 

In the choir in the morning. My sweetie had a 

Cold so she didn’t sing this morning. 

Joke – “A cat last night swallowed a 

ball of yarn and the next morning when 

the kittens were born they all had sweaters!” 

Promising dates: 

Jan 19 – Madame X. 

Feb 21 – “Prince of Liars” – Colonial 

Hall. Art Lyon leading man – tickets $1.10 Wow – 

Jan – Feb – March – Sleigh ride with Ethel and Peg. 

Monday 14 

Work pretty slack today and getting 

Worse. I got my rating to-day. One roll for 

Every thirty-three seconds, pretty good time. 

Went out the back way and down Middlesex 

Street to the Opera House to get our tickets 

for Saturday Eve. Probably the last time for 

a while as work is too low to be going there. 

Guess I’ll tell Ethel. I guess she’ll understand. 

Tuesday 15 

Work getting us scarce as hens teeth. 

I think we will all be out next week for a 

Months vacation without pay. Malcolm told me 

a funny joke. Received a postal from C.E. 

Business meeting and social tomorrow evening. 

Guess my sweet-heart and I will go. All roll 

covering at the shop finished today. Heard a 

new song today, “Every night – I cry myself to 

sleep over you?” Gee, it’s a peach – I mean a song. 

I am writing this with my new fountain pen 

which Ethel gave me. I guess know I like this better 

than she does her pendant. Its 9:15 – time to 

go to bed. Wonder what another little person is 

doing now. Tomorrow will be Wednesday. 

Wednesday Jan 16 

Work same as usual 

Rumor that a (24) order lot is in stock. Close 

tomorrow night I guess. Went down to Ethels, 

then to the Church to a business meeting and 

social of the C.E. Had a dandy time, arriving home 

at 10.40. 

Thursday tomorrow. 

Pay day? No order in sight yet. After 

Work I jogged up to the Opera House to see 

about our tickets for Saturday Eve. Met Ethel 

at Central & Market Streets and walked home 

with her by way of the Moon Salesrooms. We 

enjoyed this walk very much. Work tomorrow. 


All work cleaned up to-day. Jim told 

me to clean up and beat it, and Bob told 

me to come in a week from Monday – Jan 28 – ’24. 

Went down to Ethels after supper, then to choir, 

but she didn’t go because she still has her 

cold. If I was her I would put it in the cold bin. 


Morning work as usual. We lost 

A member of our extensive family last night who 

Resides in the chicken coup. I wish they’d all die! 

4:30 – Bath, shave, change, diary, supper – 

Ethels in the evening to see “Madame X” Details 


Dates between Jan. 15 and July – 31 – 1924 to be 

held for purpose of raising money to go to school 

in the fall. Amount to be raised $250.00 ---- 

Date for departure to school. Septembre 1. 1924 – 

Madame X. – a very interesting play of solid drama 

clean through. We both enjoyed it very much and 

declare it the best one ever produced by these players yet. 

Out at 11.05 and the Crown afterwards; then caught 

the 11.40 Varnum Ave home. We both enjoyed a very 

pleasant evening. 

Jan 20 Sunday 

My birthday. After I came back from 

the horse, during breakfast, Ethel gave me a 

wonderful pair of mocha gloves just matching my 

overcoat. I was very much pleased with them. After 

dinner I went up to see a fellow at the hospital. Then down 

to Ethels. We went for a long walk up Fourth Ave to Moody, 

and up Moody to Mammoth Rd. in Dracut, Wiggins Corner. 

Then down the road home. Met Ethels uncle when we got back. 

C.E. as usual when we reached home Ethel & Herb were there. 

They had a party to celebrate my birthday, which was done under 

Ethels management. Afterwards, about ten-thirty, Ethel 

gave me her photo-graph in a pretty frame for my birth- 

day. The usual period of events followed during the remainder of 

the evening which concerns us only. At the dinner table to-day my 

sister Ethel made a cake and had a lot of 

candles on it, very prettily decorated. It was very 

good also. My birthday was a wonderful success. 


Went down city in the morning and came 

home in the afternoon. Cold as fried haddock out-side. 

I guess skating weather is ahead for all of us. 

Vacation all week without pay for me. “Hurrah!” 


Same as day previous. Quite dull around here! 

Wednesday – Down city in the morning for a ride in 

the demonstration Buick ’24 Touring, prices touring $1425 

roadster $1400; some peachy roadster. (We both like it.) 

I went down to Auntie’s afterwards and stayed till 

dinner. Afterwards I washed up the dishes and 

swept the floor for Auntie as she was very sick. 

Leonard threw a china plate at me and cut my 

hand open. Then his jackknife and split my knuckle 

open. Whereupon, the Battle of Waterloo was enacted in 

the kitchen. That same night Jim called me up 

and told me to come in to work Thursday. A 

big order had arrived so I started work after a 

four days vacation. Not so bad. Then I 

called up my little gum-drop and told her

all about my good luck and closed with a 

date for Saturday night. Hurrah! And she 

don’t know where she’s going! Then Arthur G. 

Lyon called me up and I promised him I 

would be in the play called “The Prince of Liars”. 

Arthur is the ‘Prince’ and the cap sure fits him. 

I am to be the butler. Ethel and I were 

going to see this anyway. So here’s luck? 


work today and plenty of it. Nice & mild 

Out. Thought of her quite a bit today. Funny 

wonder why? Home about 5.45; hung around 

all evening. Went to bed about 8.20 – Whew!?;. 


same as day previous. Down to Ethels and then 

to choir in the evening. Saturday night coming. 


Worked this noon. Cold as blazes outside. 

7.00 P.M. called for Ethel and went to see the 

play called “Little Olde New York”, with the new lead- 

ing lady and she is very good. We didn’t get home 

until about 12.00 P.M. Had a good time though 

didn’t we? Gee, but I’m getting tired. 


Usual morning activities. Ethel sang in the 

choir to-day. In the afternoon we stayed at home 

because it was quite cold out. C.E. as usual & 

home to supper. Then the usual period of events! 


was a very uneventful day to me at least. 

Tuesday night 

Ethel went over to the First Baptist 

Church for supper to the C.E. really. I went over 

after the supper and we sure would have missed 

a very interesting topic on “The Marks of a Christian” 

had we stayed away. Mr. Crane was the speaker. 

We arrived home about 11.00 P.M. We made plans 

to see the Auto Show Thursday night. 

Wed. Eve 

Day uneventful. A.G. Lyon Jr. called up and 

tok me over to Charles Esterbrooks house for a rehersal 

of the play. I reached home about 11.30 P.M. TIRED. 

Thursday Eve 

We took in the auto show and it sure 

was a big success, after all. We both liked the new 

Ford (4) door sedan and the Moon Sedan. Also the Buick 

Willys-Knight and (Caddilac)? Ford Sedan with Electric 

lights, starter, heater, windshield wiper, sun visor, dome 

light and every thing; $750.00 delivered. We got home 

about 10:30 P.M. Another late night. Tired tonight too. 


clean-up day. No murders committed. Have 

placed Ethels picture on the piano where I may see 

it better. ~ 9-12-15-22-5-25-15-21-4-5-1-18 ~ Choir 

rehersal tonight. More later unless death prevents. 


Pruned trees nearly all day on Varnum Ave 

and Dunbar Ave. Went down to Ethels but we didn’t 

go anywhere because the Opera play wasn’t good. 

“The Demi-Virgin”. Home about 10.15. Folks wanted to know 

why I was home so early. Had I had a fight? Wow. 


Church this morning. I don’t think we have 

much to worry about yet. Snowed a little last night 

and now a little bit today. A big week is in store for 

us because I have Ethel engaged for nearly every night. 


Work today. I asked R. Morrill for tickets 

to the L.H.S. Play for tonight and he didn’t get them. 

I tried at noon and couldn’t get one. In the after- 

noon Malcolm came over and said “The Opera 

House burned down just now in a three alarm fire.” 

So after work we went up to see if it was true and 

if it was we would see it and if not to try and 

get Monday’s and Saturdays tickets. But it was damaged. 

So we both went to the Strand to see “Black Ocean”. 

Home about 10.30 P.M. Kind of tired. Fairly good show. 


Work today. About 4.30 Jim told us all 

to go home and not come in till next Monday. 

At night Ethel and I went to Max Fadders surprise 

Party and it sure was a success. They gave him a 

gold masonic ring as a party gift. We had a 

good time to-day through. Getting pretty tired. 


no work. I arose at 1.45 P.M. and hung 

around till 7.45. Then up to Ruth French’s to a rehersal 

for the play. Ethel didn’t come with me tonight. She 

went to a party of the L.E.L. workers in the auditorium. 

I arrived home 11.15 P.M. I was blue all day to-day until 

Ethel called me up at night. 


Still at home. In the evening I called 

for Ethel and we went down to the L.C.E. Union 

play at Colonial Hall. “Getting Acquainted with 

Madge” was the name and it was one dandy. We 

caught the 10.20 Pawtucketville home and I left 

about 11.00. Not very tired. 


busy day. dishes, cleaning, etc. Ethel called 

Me up about 8.00 P.M. and said she was all alone so I 

went down until choir rehersal. She didn’t go, having 

caught a bad cold. Planned for a sleigh-ride. 


usual morning work. After dinner I washed 

my collars and pressed my suit and had a bath, etc. 

Herbie came up to supper as we were planning on having a 

birthday party for him, it being his party. I went up to 

the pony about 6.45 and then drove her down to Ethels 

It is getting colder so I guess we’d better take along 

more rugs. I guess I’ll go up Mammoth Road to the 

fork and take the left one past Harold Colburns house. 

That will be a good ride I guess. Details of the party 

and sleigh ride later. Dandy song out, very catchy – 

“Every night I cry myself to sleep over you.” 

Three dozen eggs, two dozen damaged, two bad, too bad. 

The party was a howling success. Herb came up about: - 5.45 

and we had supper about 6.15. We all had bon-bons 

and a ring and paper hat and a verse. Ethel made 

a nice cake for him with thirty-three candles and 

it was very pretty. I went up to the pony afterwards 

(7.00 P.M.) and came back after two rugs. Then down to 

Ethels and away from there about 7.30. I had to 

get some butter so we went down to Connors first. 

Then we turned around and went up Mammoth Road. 

When we reached the fork in Pelham we took the left 

fork and reached the cross roads at 9.15. We turned 

around and started back arriving home at 10.10 P.M. 

Exactly 55 minutes from the cross roads. We sure 

had a good time. A big moon, and plenty of stars and 

a fairly cold night and Major helped us along wonderfully. 

I reached Ethels at 10.10 and after a cup of hot cocoa I 

started home. I crawled into bed about 11.45 P.M. 

Pretty tired but happy over the memories of the ride! 


Horse (1), boiler (2), ashes (3), change (4), breakfast (5), beds (6) and 

Church (7) and S.S. (8) in the morning. Ethels in the afternoon (9). 

Ethel didn’t come down to Church. I guess she is sleeping 

off the affects of the sleigh ride. Details later. 

Sunday afternoon 

Went down to Ethels in the afternoon and 

stayed there till 5.45. Then C.E. as usual. Supper at Vances 

and the usual events followed. We finished up to date 

our “Good Time” book. I left at 10.10 P.M. No murders yet. 


No work. I sized up the bathroom walls 

and the kitchen also in the morning. In the afternoon 

I went down town and paid the bank and etc. and 

went up Moody to see if the new Moon had come in 

but it had not. Monday night I went down to Ethels 

to practice for the play coming. Home about 11.20 P.M. 


I painted the bath room this morning and 

About 11.45 A.M. Jim called up and wanted me to come 

in so I had dinner and went to work in the 

afternoon. At night I went up to Joe Coburns for 

a rehersal on his play. Home about 10.00 P.M. 


I worked all day and mighty hard too. 

At night I dressed up and went down to the 

Pawt. Church for another rehersal. Mr. Black the 

Director was there and I sure knew it. All of 

us did for that matter. Home 10.45 P.M. 


Worked hard all day. Dead tired! 

Went to bed about 8.15 I guess. Received a dandy 

Valentine from Ethel Vance and also from Ethel Cowdray. 


No work again today. My work there 

is like a donkeys gallop – short and sweet! All 

morning I was house-keeping as Mother was doing 

the washing. In the afternoon she went out and 

I gave the kitchen a second coat of paint. Guess 

I’ll go down to Ethels after supper, if I may. Gee 

I haven’t seen that for about three months. I 

also painted the bath seat, a small corner shelf 

and a picture frame all white enamel and they 

sure look good and clean. Choir tonight. I wonder 

where we had better go tomorrow; the show ,a 

sleigh-ride or crazy! One of the three, I guess. 


Usual morning activities. In the after- 

noon I washed two jumpers and a pair of overalls. 

Then I fixed a light in the cellar over the boiler. 

Then change, etc to go to the Merr. Sq. to see “Heritage of 

The Desert and it was pretty good but the seats are very 

poor upstairs. Out about 10.20 and after the Crown 

we walked home. I was home before twelve. 


Horse, ashes, hens, broiler, change, breakfast, beds, 

church etc. In the afternoon Louise B and I went up to 

Coburns for a special rehersal. Over about 3.30 and then 

down to the same place as usual. We stayed home in 

the afternoon because Mr. & Mrs. Vance went out and at 

5.45 we went to C.E. Afterwards We had supper at at 

8. P.M. went down to a girl friends of Ethels on Mt. 

Vernon St. We talked all about electricity and had 

a very good time. A bowling party was mentioned for 

future sport. We left there at about 10.30 and I left 

about 11.30 from Ethels. A very enjoyable time was had by 

both of us before I left however. Interesting for both of us. 


No work. Puttered around all day. At 

night I walked up to Coburns and borrowed a Tuxedo 

from Arthur and then to Ethels for a rehersal of her 

play “His Uncles Niece.” Home about 10.30 


same as Monday. Rehersal at 7.30 at Colonial 

Hall, Palmer St. Ethel just told me Jim said there 

would be more work this week. 


worked around home all morning. In the afternoon 

I went down city and purchased a new shirt, a bow 

tie, a dozen collars, a pair of rubbers, and a new 

cap. Then I borrowed a pair of slippers from Ross 

and went home. About 5.45 I called up Art and 

then I took the 7.30 car and went down to the 

play called “The Prince of Liars” I was the butler 

Ethel and Mr & Mrs Vance got on the car at Stav 

bird Street but Ethel didn’t see me and so sat 

down front. But she waited for me when the 

car stopped. The play was a great success 

and everyone had a good time. The dancing 

was from ten to twelve. Ethel and I sat in the 

balcony and watched them. After packing my 

suitcase we left about 11.45 and caught 

the 11.55 Pawtucketville out of the square. We 

arrived home about 12.10 and I left about 12.30 P.M. 


I stayed home in the morning. Snow- 

ing hard all day. In the afternoon Ethel called me 

up and we planned to go to the theatre at night. I 

was to meet her after six o’clock at the Y.W.C.A. I had 

to go on the paper route because Frank went to the 

show. I was home about 5.20 and met Ethel at 6.20. 

We didn’t get out until 10.20 from Merrimack Sq. 

and caught the next car home. I left later. 


Usual morning activities. I went down to 

L. Bradens and Joe Coburn at Mrs. Cox’s in the sleigh. 

In the afternoon I went down with Baby to Ethels. 

We started about three o’clock and went up Mammoth 

Road to the right hand fork. Bad traveling prevented 

us from going for. When we reached the cross roads we 

cut across country and hit the left hand fork. Then 

back to Collinsville and up the Lakeview Ave road 

to Lakeview and then Mountain Rock to my 

uncle Toms. Here we managed to get warm 

again before starting back. After exchanging news 

we started back via Shermans Mill and Gages. We 

arrived home about 7.00 P.M. About four hours 

traveling. After caring for the horse we came down 

here. Then down to Ethels and had some supper. 

I left about 10.20 P.M. Very good time. We also 

made up our “Good Time Book” to date. 


Usual day activities. I went down in 

the evening but we did not go anywhere. I left – 10.20. 


I caught a cold yesterday and so I 

stayed in bed this morning. Last night I took two 

Aspirins and rubbed on some Vaporub and some 

Capserole. Then I went to bed. Frank fixed the 

horse and hens this morning. I stayed in bed until 

one o’clock. I feel pretty good now so I guess I’ll 

go down and see my “Cherie Bon Bon.” 


3.30 P.M. I went down and stayed home all after- 

noon. Ethel went down to C.E. and I stayed till she 

came back. A very good supper. Then the usual order 

of events. 


Work all day. Bed early. 


[Work all day] Ethels for rehersal at night. 


Work all day. Bed early as Ethel had to play 

for the C.E. play of the first Baptist. 


Work today as usual. Bed early again. 


Work today also. Ethels about 7.45 and stayed 

there until 8.30. Then we went down to a rehersal 

in the vestry of the church and didn’t get home till 

after 11.30. Got locked out and had to climb over 

the front piazza with a ladder. 


Spread cinders all morning. Then in 

the afternoon I greased Franks bike and remodeled 

it. Sifted the ashes, took down the coal bin, fetched 

in some more wood and started the border for the 

path. Then had a bath and change and supper. 

About 7.00 I went down to Ethels and we went for a 

good time to the Merrimack Sq to see Gloria Swanson 

in the “Humming Bird”. Very good picture. After 

the show we went to the Crown and then walk- 

ed home. I left about 11.30 P.M. 


Had a row first thing this morning, 

with the whole family lined against me. The sooner 

I get out the quieter the place will be I 

guess, for every one included. Went up to the 

house and then wrote in here after breakfast. 

Went to Church and sat in the back row because 

I did not go to choir rehersal. Ethel sang in the 

choir. Went down to Ethels and stayed till C.E. time. 

Afterwards Ethels for supper and I left the same 

night. We took (11) pictures out in the woods to-day so 

it was a very nice day out! 




Work. (all done). Rehersal at Ethels. 


Nothing doing at work. I met Ethel at 

6.20 to go see 

Thur – Fri 

Ethels & then the church for a rehersal 


Ethels. Then a show. Pretty good time. 


Ethel sang in the choir. I didn’t. 

Usual activities connected with it. 


I met Ethel at the Y.W. and we 

went down to meet the crowd at Pages at 6.30. 

A wonderful supper there. Afterwards 8.00? P.M. 

we went in a bunch over to Keiths to orchestra 

seats for another good time. We both had a 

very good time and didn’t get out until 10.40. 

We caught a car home and had to get out at 

City Hall on account of a fire in the Crawford 

Block. The care on the other end of the line 

did not wait so we had to walk home. But 

we did not mind that, did we? We arrived 

home about 11.40 and I left a little later. 


No work yet. Hung around all day. 

I went down to Ethels after supper & then we both 

went to rehersal. I got a regular bawling out at 

this part as I didn’t seem to do anything right. We 

arrived home about 10.45. I left after getting warm. 


Down city in the morning to by Ma a 

birthday present. (Linger awhile) on a Brunswick. 

Then I bot a wick for the lantern and paid 

for the picture we took Sunday. Then I came home. 

I carried Franks papers yesterday and to-day. 

Snowing both days. Gave Ma the record at 

night. Went down about 6.45 to a supper & 

business meeting by the class. Plans for ministral 

at next Sunday’s meeting laid down. Home about 

9.15 P.M.

Ethel Vance





This books contains the 

memories of the pleasant 

times we have had to- 

gether in the past. 

May those in the future 

surpass those of the past 

and may there be many 

of them. 

October 14, 1923 

After taking leave of Miss 

Bartlett and Miss Driver after 

Christian Endeavor we walked 


We stood talking at the 

gate for about an hour dis- 

cussing the various topics of 

interest to us. 

We parted in the hope of 

seeing each other on Wednesday 


October 17 

We met Wednesday Evening at 

the Pawtucket Church at which 

time Mr. Lyon and Mrs. Lyon 

were tendered a farewell supper 

and reception. 

A pleasant evening was enjoyed 

at the close of which we again 

walked home together. 

We made plans to attend 

“Wild Oats Lane” at the Lowell Opera 

House, on Saturday. 

October 20 

We saw “Wild Oats Lane” that 

night. One of the jokes which 

will remain in our thoughts for 

sometime to come. 

“Ain’t it - - - - what love 

can do to a fellow”??? 

We got home about 11:15 P.M. 

but that doesn’t say what time 

we parted, both having had a 

very nice time. 

See you tomorrow. 

October 21 

We saw each other at church. Herby 

discovered a long hair on Harold’s coat 

while sitting beside him in church. 

Seeing that it was an exceptionally long 

one “not of a man’s type” they all wondered 

where it came from?? 

We stayed home in the afternoon and 

went to the First Congregational Church at 

night. We rode home at night with Mr. 

Lyon, had a feed of ice-cream, waiting 

until Ma and Pa went to bed, after 

which I guessed a verse that Harold had in 

his book. 

Philippians 1:3 

“I thank my God for every remembrance 

of you.” 

October 27 

We went to see “Lady of the Scarlet 

Poppy” at the Opera House. 

We enjoyed a very pleasant evening, 

arrived home at the usual hour and 

left with the hope of seeing each other 

“in church”. 

October 28 

We saw each other “in church”. In 

the afternoon we went for a walk, up 

in back of hospital, through the pines, 

and down by the Isolation Hospital, 

hough the Cemetary and down to 

Harold’s house. 

There was nobody home and Harold 

went in through the back door and 

let me in the front. We spent the 

remainder of the afternoon looking 

at various things of interest. We went 

to Christian Endeavor after which we 

returned home and spent the evening 

in the usual manner. 

I tried to guess what “Hooray” 

meant but I don’t remember whether I 

guessed the whole of the game. I did 

guess that it was a kissing game. We 

started a score that seems to be still 

growing strongly. 

November 3 

We went to the Strand. Saw a 

nice picture, went into the Crown 

and lugged a white II post along 

until we found a car that 

stopped at White Posts. 

We left at the usual hour, with 

the assurance that Harold would 

sing in the choir the next day (Sunday). 

November 4 

Went to church. Harold sang 

in the choir. We went for a 

walk in the afternoon, up Mammoth 

Road, out through the pines, smelled 

the down West Meadow Rd to Harold’s 

House. Went to Christian Endeavor 

came home, had a lunch and left 

each other at a respectable hour. 

November 10 

Went to the Opera house to 

see “What Every Girl Should Know”. 

“And every girl should know 

that if she marrys a man to reform 

him, she is a widow before she is 

a bride.” 

We enjoyed the play very much. 

November 11 

We went walking Sunday afternoon 

up Ledge Hill, through the woods 

by the Isolation Hospital down 

to Harold’s House. We went to 

Christian Endeavor, came home had 

supper, and had an enjoyable 

evening together. 

November 14 

(program for “Ye Olde Tyme Concerts by the Lowell Christian Endeavor Union” pasted to page) 

November 17 

(Clippings from “Lawful Larceny”) 

(Clipping of “Smiles and Chuckles”) 

November 18 

Harold came down be we had 

company so we had to stay 

home for the afternoon. Nothing 

unusual happened. 

November 20 

The girls had a box party at the 

Church. There were about ten couples 

there and we played games the first 

part of the evening. The tables were 

decorated very prettily for the 


The following are the questions and answers which Harold and I had. 

Who (is) expects to be the next blushing bride? 

E. If my luck still holds I do. 

H. Who is looking for a gallant young Romeo? 

E. I am. 

H. Who carries her fellows picture in her watch? 

E. I do. 

(Harold’s clipping pasted on page) 

Oh, spare me, dear lady, a kiss 

It will not impoverish your store, 

For after you’ve dealt out the bliss, 

There’ll remain just the same as before. 

(Ethel’s clipping pasted on page) 

I wish that I could tell you how I love you, 

I wish that you could read this heart, my dear; 

And see the tale of love that there is written, 

A love that warmer grows when you are near. 

November 24 

We didn’t go to the Opera House 

this week. We started this 


November 25 

Harold came to dinner after which 

we went for a walk up through 

the woods. After Christian Endeavor 

we pulled the sofa up to the 

stove and read the paper, and 


December 1 

We went to the Opera House and 

saw Sky Farm. The play was very 

good. It was equal to Wild Oats Lane. 

The Forest Scene was the 

most beautiful of the five. The barn 

dance was enjoyed by all. 

(Clippings from “Sky Farm” pasted on page) 

December 2 

There was a rehearsal of the play 

for the fair but so Harold did 

not come down. However he did 

arrive about five o’clock. We went 

to Christian Endeavor as usual. 

We spent the evening in one corner 

of the sofa because the springs 

were broken in the other corner. 

“Lights out at ten.”??? 

December 5-6 

We went to the Fair at the Church 

on both evenings. 

“Why George why don’t you use the 

one’s you have? 

“The brute he might have killed you.” 

“Never mind I’ll get you another dog.” 

(two typed poems pasted on page) 

December 8 

We did not go to the Opera House 

to-night. We finished the book 

to date. 

December 9 

We went to Church and heard Mr. 

Carr the new supply. Everyone was 

very much interested in him. 

We stayed home in the after- 

noon. We to the C.E. as usual. 

An odd song Harold picked up 

[Harold’s writing

All alone, all alone, nobody here but me; 

Parlors nice and cozy, everything is rosy 

There’ll be lots of – Hurry up and get here honey, 

Take a car, its not far, my time is all 

my own, 

Just think of all that you are missing: - 

there’ll be lots of kissing, 

Pa and Ma have left me all alone. 

There’s a little spark of Love still Burning. 


There was a fire burning in my heart, 

Burning for years and for years, 

Your love and kisses gave that flame a start, 

I put it out with my tears. 

I don’t remember I can’t forget, 

That old affection lives with me yet, 

I keep on longing to our regret 

I know I can’t forget. 


I left you laughing when I said good-by, 

Laughing, but nobody knew, 

How much relief I found when I could cry 

I cried my heart out for you, 

I love you more than you’ll ever know 

Tho’ years have passed I’ve wanted you so, 

Bring back the old love, let new love grow 

Come back and whispered low. 

There’s a little spark of love still burning, 

And yearning, down in my heart for you. 

There’s a longing there for years returnings, 

I want you I do. 

So come come to my heart again, 

Come, come set that heart aflame. 

For there’s a little spark of love still burning, 

And yearning for you. 

Home Sweet Home 

There’s a little lane without a turning. 

And it leads to “home sweet home”, 

There’s a little mother’s heart that yearning, 

For the one who loved to roam. 

There’s a road that leads to strangers, 

And its there that friendship parts, 

The one that leads to dangers, 

And its paved with broken hearts, 

Take the little lane without a turning, 

And the road to “home sweet home”. 

December 15 

Ethel and I went to see “Pierre of the Plains”. 

We found it to be an interesting play. We 

got out 10:50 and after a Hot Chocolate (just) 

caught the Varnum Ave in the square. I 

arrived home the next day

“What is she doing up in her room?” 

“Only a woman know’d!” 

December 16, 1923 

Church, Sunday – school – dinner – Ethels 

in the afternoon and C.E. in the evening. Nothing 

exciting doing to-day, (or tonight). 

Dec. 17, 1923 Monday 

Went down at 10:30 to meet Ethel to come 

home from a party held by the L.E.L. Sewing Club. 

We arrived home 11:15 and I left (later). 


Nothing unusual happened. 


Francis Graves held a meeting up at her home 

to select song for the Rally. We made four and 

left at 11:20. Planned to meet Friday night for 

choir. Nothing unusual Thursday. Friday choir. 

Saturday 22 

Robin Hood. A pretty good picture. 

We rode home with Mr. Barnest Wiggins in his 

Overland. Enjoyed a pleasant evening. 

Sunday 23 

Usual morning exercises. Herb 

and Ethel took Mrs. Cobb up to Dracut in the “All 

American Car”, and we stayed here till supper, 

then down to the church to be in the paegiant. 

I left quite late tonight. 

Monday 24 

nothing doing. Only thing we 

can see out of the way is, it is the night be- 

fore Christmas. 

December 25 

We went down to the “Candle Light Service” at 

6:30 A.M. It was simply wonderful and we 

would not have missed it for anything. We 

arrived home to find Mrs. Vance sick. 

I came down to Ethels at 3:45 and after look- 

ing at her presents she handed me my biggest and 

best present of all. I stayed til 4:15; and I also left 

my present to untie till night. Then we went to 

my house to see my presents and the Sonora. 

Then down to the Christmas tree, then Ethels after- 

wards and at 9:15 I opened my present and found 

it to be a Moore’s Fountain Pen with which I 

found am now writing this diary. 

I gave Ethel a gold pendant with a 

saphire stone in the center, and she liked it 

the best of anything she received. We talked till 

quite late and I went home the next morn. 

Nothing doing Wed, Thur. Fri. of this week. 

Saturday 29 

Opera House to see “Mary” 

a fairly good play. Nothing unusual happened. 

Sunday 30 

Mrs. Goddard and Mr. Goddard were 

here so we stayed home. C.E. in the evening. 

Home kind of early. 

Dec. 31 1923 

I met Ethel after work and we both 

went to the supper at the Local Union. Quite a bit 

of cheering. We used the songs that Ethel and 

Francis made up for the occasion. We enjoyed 

a very good sermon afterwards but did not stay 

to the “Midnight Service.” We walked home, arriving 

here at 10:15 and watched the old year out and the 

new year in. I left Jan. 1 – (in the morning). 

January 1, 1923. 

(Clippings pasted from “The New Ledger”) 

Jan. 1 continued 

Lots of things happened to me 

but nothing happened to Ethel. In the evening I 

came over with the sleigh and we both went up to 

my house a played the new Sonora and marked 

the record book. We had a good time and arrived 

home early. 

Wednesday Jan. 2 

Church supper and roll call 

not very many there. No murders committed. 

Arrived home early. Choir Friday. 

Saturday 5 

Strand, to see “Thundering 

Dawn” two very good pictures. Arrived home 

quite late. Snowed hard all day. Drifted quite 

a bit during the day. 

Sunday 6 

stayed home till 5:50 then to C.E. 

to see how many showed up. I was a bad boy 

tonight but I promised to redeem myself in the 


This space is intended to show a long, tiresome 

uneventful week has just flown by. 

Jan 12 

We went to see “The Love Test” as we both 

needed it badly. It proved a great success and one 

of the best plays this year or so far since the players 

started in this city. Following is a brief outline 

of the performance and its characters: - 

(Clippings from “The Love Test” pasted in page) 

[Ethel’s writing] 

January 13 Sunday 

We went to church as usual. I did 

not sing in the choir because I had 

a bad cold. Harold came down this 

afternoon about four o’clock. We had 

supper early but did not go to C.E. 

We wrote up everything in the book to 


January 19 Saturday – We both went to see 

the long established play “Madame X”. We both found 

it to be very interesting, being solid drama clear 

through. It is without doubt the best play ever 

produced by this company. We arrived home the 

same day. P.M. as usual. 

(Clipping from “Madame X”) 

(Clippings from “Madame X”) 

This was the last play in which the leading 

man and lady were present at in Lowell. They 

were Miss Hazel Corinne and Mr. Victor Browne. 

Sunday January 20 

We went to church and S.S. and in the 

afternoon we went for a walk 3:30. As far as 

Wiggins corner by way of Moody Street and 

down Mammoth Road. We met Mr. Cobb; an 

uncle of Ethels when we reached home. At 

5:55 we went to C.E. and arrived home as usual. 

Herbert and Ethel were there so we had a 

Small birthday supper arranged by Ethel for me. 

A birthday cake was part of the feast which I 

was ordered to cut. About 10:20 Ethel gave me her 

photograph in a very pretty frame for my birthday. 

I left later. 

one week passing very slowly 

Saturday Eve 26 Jan 

Opera to see “Little Old New York.” A biting wind 

and very snappy weather outside this evening. 

Below is listed the play and characters in order: - 

(Clipping from “Little Old New York” pasted on page) 

(Clipping from “Little Old New York” pasted on page) 

Sunday Jan. 27 

Church. Choir – S.S. It was 

quite cold so we decided to stay at home. C.E. in 

the evening, then supper afterwards. After the 

dishes were done we finished up to date the pro- 

ceedings of pleasure we two had participated in lately. 

(Clipping pasted on page) 

(Program for “Lowell Christian Endeavor Union” pasted on page) 

January 21, 1924 

Thur. We went to the auto show at the Auditorium 

and saw all the various makes of cars. Over three 

specials were a Moon Sedan, a Willys-Knight Sedan 

and a Ford Sedan. We liked them all but they were 

so high we didn’t buy any just there. We re- 

ceived quite a bit of literature from the various 

dealers. After completing a circuit of the show we 

started home about 10:15. Arriving at the square 

we caught the 10:25 Varnum Ave home. We both 

enjoyed a very pleasant evening. Harold left the 

same night. 

Feb. 4, 1924 

Monday. We could not obtain tickets for the High School 

play the “Boomerang” as we went to the Strand 

to see “Black Oven” A very good picture. Big week ahead. 

Feb. 5, 1924. 

We went tonight to a surprise party for Max Fadden 

at his home at 8:00 P.M. The C.E. was running this 

and we had a very nice time and played quite a 

number of games. After the games Max was presented 

with a gold Masonic ring from the C.E. workers. A very 

nice lunch was served afterwards by Max’s mother and 

Hope. The party broke up at a reasonable hour with 

everyone wishing the traveler good luck and God speed 

to his journeys end. Ethel and I arrived home about 

10:45 and Harold left at 11:00 P.M. 

(Comic pasted to page) 

(Program for “The Lowell C.E. Northfield Club” pasted on page) 

[Ethel’s writing] 

February 9 

Saturday. Harold came down with the pony 

and sleigh and we bundled up warm and went 

for a sleigh ride. It was an ideal night; the stars 

were out and the moon shone brightly all the way. 

We went out Mammoth Road to the fork and 

took the left hand fork to the cross roads. We 

arrived there about 9:15. After turning around 

we started back arriving home at 10.10 P.M. It 

took us exactly (55) minutes from the cross roads. 

We both enjoyed a pleasant evening. After getting 

warmed up Harold took the pony home and I went 

to bed. 

Feb. 10, 1923 

Harold didn’t come down until almost 4:15 

and we stayed home the rest of the evening till 

C.E. Then afterwards we came back home and 

the usual order of events followed, per usual. 

February 14. 

Today was Valentine’s day. I sent Ethel a 

valentine and she sent me one through the 

mail and I received another from my sister 

Ethel also. A valentine with my name on it 

was given to Ethel at work. Outside of 

that nothing unusual occurred. 

Feb. 16, 1924 

We went tonight to see “The Heritage 

of the Desert” at Merrimac Sq. and it was 

very good. But the seats were poor. We did 

not get out till 10:20 and caught the as we would 

have had to wait some time for another 

car we decided to walk home. We arrived 

home about 11:00 P.M. I left later. 

Feb. 17, 1924 

Sunday. Usual morning activities. In the after- 

noon Harold came down and we stayed 

home with Mrs. Cobb until time for C.E. After 

that we came home to supper and then we both 

went over to Miss Cecil Lamoreaux on Mt. Vernon St. 

for a social call. We stayed till 10:30 P.M. 

We arrived home about 11:00 and Harold left 


Feb. 20, 1924 

Harold called me up at the office and 

asked me to go to Merrimack Square tonight. I 

agreed to stay down and meet him at the 

Y.W.C.A. as it was quite bad walking. We 

met about 6.20 and stayed till the closing 

performance. We waited in the square for a car 

and arrived home about 10:45 P.M. Harold left 

later of the same evening.

Feb. 21 

Harold was in the play tonight at Colonial 

Hall called “The Prince of Liars.” The play began 

At 8:00 and lasted through – three acts until 10:15 P.M. 

The play was very good and the acting didn’t seem 

like ametures. The butler was the writer of this book 

(at present). After the play the floor was cleaned of 

chairs and the orchestra climbed onto the platform 

and dancing began which lasted until 12:00 P.M. 

We stayed until 11:45 P.M. and caught the five 

minutes of twelve Pawtucketville out of the square. 

We arrived home at 12:10. and Harold 

left the same day. 

Feb. 22, 1924 

(Clipping from “The Prince of Liars” pasted on page) 

[Ethel’s writing] 

Feb. 22, 1924 

Harold came down this afternoon with the 

pony and we went for a sleigh ride. Up Mammoth 

Road to the forks and then the left hand one 

towards Canobie Lake. When we reached the 

crossroad we went down there onto the back 

road and back to the forks to Lakeview Ave. 

Then up Lakeview Ave to Canobie La Lake- 

view and the Mountain Rock to Mr. Thomas 

Barrows, my uncle. After getting warm we 

started for home by way of Shermans and 

Gages and brought Baby home. After unhitching 

and feeding her we walked down to my 

house and from there to Ethels. Supper and 

filling of this book to date constituted the evenings 

pleasure. Harold left about 10:20 P.M. Very good time! 

March 1, 1924 

Harold and I went to the Merrimack Square 

to see “The Humming Bird”. We had good seats 

in the first row in the balcony. After the 

movies went into the Crown for some ice cream. 

We walked home and got home about 


March 2, 1924 

Cecil Lamoreaux and her friend George 

Bell came over after Christian Endeavor. 

We had a nice time talking and 

laughing. We had ice cream and cake. 

They went home about ten thirty. Harold 

left later. 

March 8, 1924 

We went to see “Singer Jim McKee”. 

It was a very good picture. We had 

good seats. We went into the Crown 

afterwards but did not walk home. 

Arrived home at the usual time. 

March 9 1924 

A wonderful Springlike day. Harold 

and I went walking up through 

the woods and took some pictures. 

We stayed out all afternoon, went to 

C.E. at night and spent the evening 

in the usual way. 

March 10 1924 

The players who gave “The Prince of 

Liars” gave a dinner party at Page’s 

after which we went to Keith’s. 

We had a chicken dinner which was 

very much enjoyed by us in spite of 

all the spoon’s, knives and forks. 

We had to walk home because of a 

fin on Merrimack Street. We got home 

about twelve o’clock. 

March 15 1924 

Cecil & George, Harold and I went 

“bowling” at the Crescent Alley’s on 

Hurd Street. We got there about 

7:20 and left about 10:45. We had 

a very good time in spite of the 

scores we made. 

March 16 1924 

Harold came down about 3:30. Emma 

and her husband came over and 

stayed about an hour and one half. 

Harold and I went to C.E. and spent 

the evening as usual. 

March 19 1924 

Our C.E. play came off with great 

success. There was a big crowd out 

and everybody said they liked the 


(Program for “His Uncle’s Niece” pasted on page) 

March 26 

Went to see “The Unknown People” at the Strand. 

A very good picture. Home about 10:45 P.M. Harold 

left later. 

April 16 

Wed. all day today. Strand at night to see 

the picture “Lovers Lies”. A gripping picture of 

the sea. A beautiful love story in every detail. 

Caught the 10.35 car out of the square. Reached 

home the same night. Bed early!? 

April 23 

Play by Amica’s at Pawtucket Church. George 

and Cecil and Mabel and Arthur all came to 

this entertainment. A very good strictly ametuer 

production. Home with Miss Vance and departure 10:30 – 

April 30 

Strand, per usual, to see “The Meanest Man in the 

World.” A very good production. Home as usual. Harold 

claims he left the same night! 

May 4 

I persuaded Harold to come home to 

dinner with me after Harold and 

I washed the dishes we sat down 

in the parlor. Ruth Paton and Loris 

came over and we had quite a pow-wow. 

My Aunt and Cousin were visiting us. 

Herbert came down to take them home 

to Beverly in the Ford and invited Harold 

and I go too. We had a nice ride 

down (Harold sat on a broken spring). 

We stayed to supper and started for 

home about 6:15. We had most wonderful 

ride home (curtains down). We got home 

9:05. Harold went home with Herby 

and Ethel. 

May 7 

Tonight we went to the Strand to see 

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame. A vivid 

and intensive drama. We got out 

early and got a car just as we reached 

the square. We have written in 

the book to-date.