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Lowell History: Documents and Information

Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882)

Concord,3 Sept. 22, 1835

My dear Sir,

In reply to your letter of the 19th I have to say that I am to be engaged after a few days in the preparation of some lectures for the “Diffusion etc.” Society in Boston next winter; but I fear they will be of a character unfit for your association, as they are to be on “topics connected with English literature.” Such as they are, they will take all the time I have to spare for lecture writing this fall. Meantime I have nine or ten lectures which I have already read at Boston elsewhere, two on Italy, three on Natural history, six on Biography, any of which I could bring to Lowell, but that I fear these topics may suit you as ill. If either of these would be of any service to your society, I would come to Lowell on any evenings of October or November, for $12. a lecture. I am sorry I can offer you nothing better as it would give me great pleasure if I had time to prepare some lectures for your Institution.

                      Yours respectfully 
                      R.W. Emerson 


1 Ralph Waldo Emerson born 25 May 1803, Boston, Massachusetts, died 27 Apr 1882, Concord, Massachusetts; author. 

2 Lowell, Massachusetts – lecture series. 

3 Concord, Massachusetts.