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Lowell History: John Wood (1858-1860)


I am extremely grateful to the following individuals for providing me with information during my research into John Wood's life, in Lowell as well as in Bury, England. 

Martha Mayo 
Kenneth Walker 
Edna Bickerdike Dally 
   (John Wood's great-great niece)  
Ruth Jolly 
   (John Wood's great-great-great niece)  
Mrs. Carl Gilchrist 
   (a descendant, by marriage, of Sarah Spencer)  
Mrs. Rita Hirst, Reference Librarian, Bury, 
    England Public Library  
Kevin Mullay, Archivist, Bury, England  
Dorothy Clarke 
Walter Hickey

Lowell Historic Preservation Commission 
University of Lowell 
Lowell Arts Council 
Lowell Historical Society 


A Note to Visitors 
There is a great significance in minor historical documents and a need to retain even an ordinary person's historical perspective of a specific time and place.  Through these three surviving letters, we have been made aware of the quality of life experienced by one ordinary English immigrant to Lowell over 130 years ago and have been able to research and develop a full portrait of this rather insignificant yet extraordinary individual.  One man's life will now be remembered and recorded through his own words and personal observations. 


Partially Funded through Cultural Program Support from The Lowell Historic Preservation Commission