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GNDR.2400: Introduction to Gender Studies

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ad for budweiser beer showing a man and woman with fishing poses standing in waves the man is bending over looking at the back of the top of the woman's waders.

Image retrieved from Internet Archive 12/14/22

This course is an interdisciplinary introduction to the field of Gender Studies that examines both commonalities and differences among diverse groups of women. A variety of topics are presented such as past and present stratification in work and family, sexual identities, media representations of women, and violence against women. Social movements for women's equality and feminist theories and methods are also introduced.

sexist automobile ad showing woman with her hand raised palm out as if taking an oath
Photo by Michael   1969 Ford Cortina (South Africa) 


Read: Nancy Hartsock, “The Feminist Standpoint: Developing the Ground for a Specifically Feminist Historical Materialism”

Read:  “Trans*: What’s in a Name?” and “Trans* Feminisms,” from Trans

Read         Unit 1: "Grounding Theoretical Frameworks,” 

                Unit 2: "Challenging Binary Systems and Constructions of Difference"

Link goes to ebook on Internet Archive. Create an account, log in a click "Borrow for an Hour". The essays "Oppression" and "Sexism"are on pages 1-40 of this edition. Click "Return now" when finished with your reading session.

face reflected in a mirror
Photo by Claude Cahun, Self Portrait   Fair Use