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Public Art on South Campus: University of Massachusetts Lowell

O'Leary Mezzanine Walkway, Faces Along the River, Muriel Long, 2000


Faces Along the River, 2000mural of college campus and students engaged in activities installed beside a hallway ramp

The mural along the connecting walkway of the mezzanine is titled “Faces Along The River,” and was painted by art student Muriel Long in 2000. The mural celebrates the diversity of the university community: it includes people of different ages, abilities, races, and ethnicities, all engaged in activities around South Campus. 

All photos by Michael Page.








3rd mural panel showing african student in red robe, elderly woman laughing, landscape with river in the backgrounRight hand panel. Note that one art student draws the gazebo that is still at the center of the main quad to this day. 
















ahllway mural cnter panel with violin player, field and buildingsCenter panel. 

left panel with african american basketball player making a jumpshot
Left hand panel.