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HIST.3270-301: Medieval England

Lectures and Pages from Medieval England, 500-1500

Lecture 1: The Britons and the Romans (Prehistory-5th century AD)

Lecture 2: The Anglo-Saxons (6th-11th centuries)
Readings: “Gildas on the Coming of the Anglo-Saxons,” p. 3 “Slavery in Anglo-Saxon England” p. 26

Lecture 3: Viking Britain (7th-10th centuries)
Reading: “Treaty Between King Alfred the Great and Guthrum,” pp. 8; “Praise of Queen Emma,” p. 65

Lecture 4: The Norman Conquest (1066-mid 12th century)
Readings: “Text of the Bayeux Tapestry,” p. 96 and
“Gilbert Crispin’s Disputation of a Jew with a Christian,” p. 115

Lecture 5: The Angevin Empire (12th-13th centuries)
Reading: The Cult of King Arthur: “Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Account of Arthur’s Reign,” p. 170; “Magna Carta” p. 213

Lecture 6: The Struggle for Mastery (13th century)
Reading: “The Miracles of Simon de Montfort,” p. 248-250; “Persecution and Expulsion of English Jews” p. 230

Lecture 7: Age of Glory (14th century)
Reading: “Dispute Between an Englishman and a Frenchman,” pp. 306 and “London Craft Guild Ordinances,” p. 299

Lecture 8: Everyday Life in Medieval England (11th-13th centuries)
Readings: “William fitzStephen’s Description of London, p. 177; “Manorial Life from the Hundreds Rolls,” p. 265

Lecture 9: The Last Plantagenet (15th century)
Reading: “Chronicle of the Peasant’s Revolt, p. 325; “The Growth of Lollardy,” p. 335

Lecture 10: Economy and Society in Late Medieval England (15th century)
Readings: “Chronicle of the Great Famine,” pp. 291-2 and “The Royal Response to the Famine,” p. 293 and The Black Death: Henry Knighton’s Chronicle, pp. 316-319

Lecture 11: The Lancastrians (15th century)
“Statutes of the Order of the Garter,” pp. 353 and “Order of the Pageants of the York Corpus Christi Play,” p. 358

Lecture 12: The Yorkists (15th century)
Reading: :”A London Chronicle on the Wars of the Roses,” p. 377; “The Rediscovery of Richard III,” p. 406