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Quiet and Group Study Space

Quiet Study Space

On South Campus at O'Leary

The 1st floor and Mezzanine will always be busy and sometimes loud. Head up to the 4th floor (turn left when you get off the elevators) and go into the library area. This is designated quiet study space.

On North Campus at Lydon 

The 1st and 2nd floor are busy and sometimes loud, but have group study rooms and computers. You can find quiet study for groups or individual studying on the 3rd and 4th floors, with tables of various sizes near the shelves of books.

Reserve a Group Study Space

There are open study rooms in both Lydon and O'Leary libraries.

If the room is open, you are welcome to use it but please vacate it if someone else has reserved it.

Each student reserves their own study space. There is a QR code on each room in O’Leary and Lydon. Express Student Meeting Spaces are available for students to utilize in O’Leary and Lydon. These spaces do not require participation in a club or organization to use. They are small rooms designed for students to meet with others or use by themselves for a variety of purposes including meetings, group work and studying. Each room can be reserved by a student by clicking and submitting a 25Live Express Booking Reservation or scanning the QR Code with your phone outside the room.

Information about study spaces:

qr code scan to book quiet study space

Room capacities are listed on the reservation form. Some rooms are for small groups, while others are seats in a shared study space. Study space reservations are limited to individual seats (shown as building code, room number and seat, such as GPS-248-01).

Members of the Public

Members of the public who want to reserve library space, please contact Hospitality and Event Services, at