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UMass Lowell Library Diversity and Inclusion Collection


In 2021, using the Myron Freeman, August Merz, and Muskiewicz Family library endowments, the UMass Lowell Libraries were able to purchase DRM*-free eBooks in diversity, inclusion, and social justice. This acquisition allows for an unlimited number of patrons to use each book at any time, making them an excellent solution to meet the needs of no/low textbook cost initiatives, while also addressing the very immediate need of diverse subject matter. College campuses are centers of education, knowledge and research and must exhibit the values of diversity, inclusion and social justice in all aspects of campus life. It is especially vital that academic libraries are able to offer diverse and inclusive content to students and researchers that support and reinforces these values while reflecting the diversity of students and library users. Published between 2015 and 2020, this collection covers a variety of cultural explorations, indigenous people, black studies, feminist topics, race and anti-racism, gender topics, and much more and includes subjects from civil rights, STEM, sports, music and art, history, law, education, and social justice, and beyond. This assemblage should prove a valuable addition to the UMass Lowell library offerings and hope our students and faculty find it very valuable. This collection are online versions of print books with a perpetual license. The library is very grateful to our endowment donors for the opportunity to provide access to more knowledge for our wonderful students and faculty. These eBooks will be available to the library in perpetuity.

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Freeman, Merz and Muskiewicz Diversity and Inclusion Collection

This Muslim American Life : Dispatches From the War on Terror by Moustafa Bayoumi
Islamophobia and Racism in America by Eric Love
Algorithms of Opression by Safiya Umoja Noble
Reclaiming Indigenous Research in Higher Education by Robin Starr Minthorn Heather J. Shotton
Hip Hop Beats, Indigenous Rhymes : Modernity and Hip Hop in Indigenous North America by Kyle T. Mays
White Privilege : The Myth of a Post-Racial Society by Kalwant Bhopal
Mascot Nation : The Controversy Over Native American Representations in Sports by Andrew C. Billings, Jason Edward Black
Antiracism : An Introduction by Alex Zamalin
The Remarkable Rise of Transgender Rights by  Jami K. Taylor, Donald P. Haider-Markel, Daniel C. Lewis
Title: Black Feminism Reimagined : After Intersectionality by Jennifer C. Nash
Settler Colonialism, Race, and the Law : Why Structural Racism Persists by Natsu Taylor Saito
Stay Woke : A People's Guide to Making All Black Lives Matter by Tehama Lopez Bunyasi, Candis Watts Smith
Title: Our Voices, Our Histories : Asian American and Pacific Islander Women
Diversifying STEM : Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Race and Gender by Ebony O. McGee, William H. Robinson
RAce for Profit
Title: Sporting Gender : The History, Science, and Stories of Transgender and Intersex Athletes by Joanna Harper
Diversity Regimes : Why Talk Is Not Enough to Fix Racial Inequality at Universities by James M. Thomas
Social Justice : Theories, Issues, and Movements by Loretta Capeheart, Dragan Milovanovic
Getting Smart About Race : An American Conversation by Margaret L. Andersen
From Here to Equality : Reparations for Black Americans in the Twenty-First Century by William A. Darity Jr, A. Kirsten Mullen
Handbook of Research on Diversity and Social Justice in Higher Education by Jared Keengwe
Title: Privilege and Punishment : How Race and Class Matter in Criminal Court by Matthew Clair