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Impact Factors: Citation Ranking

Databases vary in how they treat cite references, so read the help screens. Here are some general guidelines.

  •  Try variant forms of the author's name, such as first name spelled out, with and without middle initial, with initial for first name, first name spelled out, etc.
  •  If the first author's name is a common name and there is a co-author, try combining the first author's name with or more of the co-authors' surnames, preferably ones that are not common.
  •  If the author's last name is common, try combining the author's name with the name of the publication. Try variations of the publication name, e.g. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, J. Poly. Appl.  Sci.,  J. Polym. Appl.  Sci.,  etc.
  •  When you have a choice of searching in the full text or the references field, search in the references field.   
  •  Consider limiting by time period; it doesn't make sense to search for citing references in a time period before the original article was written.
  •  Sign up for alerts in relevant databases.