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Exercise Physiology 'Back To School' Guide

All the resources you need to succeed in Exercise Physiology.

Types of Scales and Level of Measurement

Opening SPSS Window in your Computer

The video (3.28 Min) demonstrates how to open SPSS from your computer.

Exporting data from Excel

Importing data file from Excel to SPSS (8 Min video)

Defining Variables (Variable View in SPSS)

Variable View (to code all the variables in your survey into SPSS) (9.13 Min. Video)

Entering data (Data View in SPSS)

Entering your data in SPSS (Data View)

Recoding Variables in SPSS

Recoding variables into same and different variables (as per your research requirement).(6 Min Video)

Compute Variables in SPSS

Use of Compute (say to add items to form a scale) (2.52 Min Video)

Select Cases (If)

Select Cases (If _part 2)

Find and Replace

The instructions and examples will help guide you locating data that needs to be replaced or update (2.29 minute video)

Using Syntax Editor in SPSS

Multiple Response Sets in SPSS

The tutorial demonstrates analyzing multiple response sets in SPSS (7.30 minute video)

Testing Distributions of Normality in SPSS

A five minute video on how to evaluate a distribution for normality using both visual and statistical methods using SPSS

Testing Distributions of Normality (Part 2)

Reporting Data (Output)

The instructions and examples will help guide you through reporting your research and analysis findings (2.28 minute video)