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SOCI.3700: Intersections of Disability and Gender

This course is organized around several key questions that will be used to help engage students in the study of the concepts of disability and gender from a variety of sociological and interdisciplinary perspectives. Specifically, the course will explore feminist representations of disability and gender in popular culture discourses to discuss disability as well as gender as social constructs. By analyzing books, movies, television, cartoons, and the internet, we will look at how conceptualizations of disability and gender intersect and are represented in these “texts” and the possible influences on perceptions and definitions of disability.

Required Texts

Hall, K. (2011). Feminist Disability Studies
Keller. H. (2015). The Story of My Life
Wendell, S. (1996). The Rejected Body: Feminist Philosophical Reflections on Disability. (optional)
Other articles that are assigned will be provided to you by the professor.