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Library Support for Low Cost Textbooks

What the Library Can Do


There are two basic ways the library can help provide low and no cost textbooks.

  • The library will buy unlimited user e-books.
  • The library will buy print books, scan limited pages and host in e-reserves. The print books can then be put on reserve.

Library staff can also help discover titles and provide these to faculty for their consideration.

This guide,, made by librarian Margaret Manion, can point you to both library owned textbooks and titles from open textbook websites.


Finding Unlimited User e-Books

The library subscribes to a service called Faculty Select, which is a portal to e-books available from one of our vendors. Information and links are in the second page of this guide.

If faculty have found a title from whatever source they should feel free to send it and we can find out if any of our vendors has it as an unlimited user e-book.

Though we want to be able to buy any title faculty may identify, some titles cost literally thousands of dollars and will be out of reach.