Study Areas

Quiet Study Areas are designed to give patrons are place to concentrate without noisy distractions. Loud talking and cell phone use are prohibited in these areas. Patrons using computers or other equipment to listen to music or watch videos must use head phones in these areas. Anyone making noise may be asked to leave the building.

The 3rd floor of Lydon Library is designated as a Quiet Study Area. Individual study carrels and medium to large study tables are located on this floor. The Mezzanine and 4th floor of O’Leary Library are also Quiet Study Areas. The Mezzanine offers small tables in a bright open space. The 4th floor hosts individual study carrels and large study tables.

Group Study Areas are spaces in which people may collaborate on projects or help each other study. Conversation is expected in these spaces but patrons are reminded to be respectful of others and keep noise levels at a minimum.

The 4th floor of Lydon Library offers a variety of large round and rectangular tables for groups to meet and study. Smaller tables are also available. At O’Leary Library, the Mezzanine offers large glass enclosed study rooms available on a first come-first served basis. These rooms are study spaces and may not be reserved for classes.

Casual Study Space is available on the 1st floor of both Lydon and O’Leary libraries. Couches, soft chairs and a variety of tables are located on these floors.