Book and Journal Locations

Art and Music books are located on the 4th floor of O'Leary Library. All other books are located at Lydon Library. Print journals are housed at Lydon Library. They may be requested at the Circulation Desk.

Books are arranged on the shelves according to subject. Each book has a call number on its spine. The letters at the beginning of the call number indicate the general subject area of the book. For example, a book that has a call number that starts with the letter E will be about American History.

A                               General Works
B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
C Archeology, Biography
D History (except America)
E American History
F Local American History
G Geography, Human Ecology, Anthropology, Oceanography, Environmental Sciences,    Folklore,  Recreation
H Social Science, Sociology, Social History, Statistics, Economics, Business
J Political Science
K Law
L Education
M Music (O'Leary Library 4th Floor)
N Fine Arts (O'Leary Library 4th Floor)
Q Science, Math, Astronomy, Physics, Geology, Natural History, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Human Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology
R Medicine
S Agriculture
T Technology, Engineering, Photography, Manufactures
U Military Science
V Naval Science
Z Bibliography, Library Science