Selected Authors: The Harlem Renaissance

Week 9:
(October 24-October 30)/Thurman, The Blacker the Berry, Continued:
Readings: Read Wallace Thurman’s The Blacker the Berry, pp. 51-100.

Week 10:
 (October 31-November 6)/Wallace Thurman, The Blacker the Berry, Continued, Richard Bruce Nugent, and Gwendolyn Bennett

Readings: Read Wallace Thurman’s "The Blacker the Berry," pp. 101-146. In Double-Take, read Richard Bruce Nugent’s “Smoke, Lilies, and Jade.” In Double-Take, read Gwendolyn Bennett’s “Wedding Day” and “Token.”

Week 11 
(November 7-November 13)/Racial Passing (Charles Chesnutt and Nella Larsen):
Readings: Read Charles Chesnutt’s “The Wife of His Youth” [Online Handout/Link]. Read Nella Larsen’s "Passing", Part I.

Week 12
(November 14-November 20)/) Larsen, Passing, Continued: 
Readings: Read Nella Larsen’s Passing, Parts II and III. 


Week 13:

(November 21-November 27)/Bennett, Grimké, Burrill, and Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr
Readings: In Double-Take, read Helene Johnson’s poems “Magalu” and “Bottled.” Read Gwendolyn B. Bennett’s poems “Heritage” and “Fantasy.”  Read Angelina Weld Grimké’s short story “The

Closing Door” [Online Handout/Link]. Read Mary P. Burrill’s play "They That Sit in Darkness" [Online Handout/Link]. In Double-Take, read Joseph Seamon Cotter, Jr.’s poem “Sonnet to Negro Soldiers” and his play "On the Fields of France".

Week 14:

(November 28-December 4)  Rodgers, Hughes, and Cullen:
Readings: In Double-Take, read Joel A. Rodgers’ “Jazz at Home” and Langston Hughes’ poems “The NegroSpeaks  of Rivers,” “Jazzonia,” “The Weary Blues,” and the poems “Cross” and “Harlem”/“A Dream Deferred”
[Online Handouts/Links].  In Double-Take, read Countee Cullen’s poems “Heritage,” “Yet I Do Marvel,” andIncident” [Online Handouts/Links]