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EDUC.6922: Qualitative Research Methods for Practitioner Scholars

Action-oriented and Collaborative Research

Researchers have developed a variety of forms of research that entail taking action and collaborating with practitioners and communities to improve upon important social problems. The resources below provide you with an opportunity to explore some of this exciting terrain. Importantly, if you explore around the pages of many of the resources below, you will find they include links to practical resources. These include research-based tools for undertaking your own collaborative research as well as tools and protocols that are products of collaborative research that you might wish to use in your own context.

Carnegie Foundation's Resources for Improvement-Focused Research

Here you will find literature, videos, and tools that are intended to support all who engage in improvement work, guided by the principles of improvement science.

Engaging historically marginalized students, families, and communities in improvement and research

Professor Ishimaru discusses how improving "leadership" in schools requires a particular focus on expanding leadership to include the informal leadership of students, families, and communities who have been historically marginalized in education.

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

Research and Practice Design Collaboratory

Here you will find a wealth of resources created by r+p, an organization devoted to making a sustained effort bringing educators and researchers together in design-based research to develop more equitable curriculum and pedagogy for STEM teaching and learning. Under the tab "r+p in action," read about specific STEM-focused collaborative research projects around the country, from Maine to California.

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here

Family Leadership Design Collaborative

The FLDC is a national network of scholars, practitioners, and family and community leaders focused on centering racial equity in family engagement to create more equitable schools and educational systems.

Research Practice Partnerships

Introduction to Research Practice Partnerships (RPPs)
Here the WT Grant Foundation provides a useful overview as well as specific tips and tools for understanding how research can be partnership-based and how to engage stakeholders in research and develop a joint research agenda.

SERP Institute

Since 2003, SERP has pursued a commitment to equity, collaboration, agency, and systemic change through ongoing collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

Research-Practice Partnerships Focused on Scaling Up Equitable Deeper Learning