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HIST.1080: Western Civilization II

suit of armor

Suit of Armor c 1530  Photo by Dewey_Decimals

World Civilization II will introduce the study of world history, its' relevance for living in the present, and the challenge to think critically about the emergence and subsequent development of the modern world since 1500. Students will examine experiences that transcend societal and cultural regions, focus on processes of cross-cultural interaction, and investigate patterns that influenced historical development and continue to impact societies on a global scale. 

The purpose of this guide is to highlight resources from the UML Library as well as the web, for students taking World Civilization II, (HIST.1080). In addition students will find support for: 

❖ finding articles and books
❖ understanding primary sources and where to find them
❖ navigating databases
❖ citations
❖ evaluating content found online
❖ where to get help.

Online Resources