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ARTS.1020: Art Concepts II

About the Course

Art Concepts II will focus on learning the visual language of the creative process through an examination of the principles of three-dimensional visual organization. These fundamental basics form the underlying structure of architecture, environmental graphic design, product design and sculpture. Through slide lecture, guest lecturers, field trips, and studio projects, students will begin to understand the many forms that three dimensional expression takes. The course will develop creative problem solving skills and students will learn to respond to personal challenge. Students will also be instructed in the principles of professional execution and be introduced to diverse modes of thought, media, and aesthetic expression. 

Through the hands-on use of clay, plaster, wire, wood, and digital tools, students will explore the basic elements and principles of 3-Dimensional Design.  Students will gain knowledge of how to create forms taking space, line, plane, mass, volume, shape, texture, balance, and repetition into consideration. Students will also utilize critical thinking skills and creative concepts through research, sketching, exploration of materials, construction, and critiques. 

Class Textbook

There is also an ebook of this title in the Internet Archive. Create an account. log in, and read online. Be sure to click "Return Now" when through, even if you plan to return to the book.