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HIST.3870: Pirates of the Mediterranean

replicas of several ancient greek trireme galleysunder sail
Fleet of triremes made up of photographs of the modern full-sized replica Olympias
Photo by Edsitement Persian Wars Resource page      PD

Research Guide for Pirates of the Mediterranean

This course uses piracy, defined (for starters) as armed robbery at sea, to highlight issues of violence, governmental intervention, and economic practices as they relate to marginalized peoples in the Greco-Roman world. The course follows the long history of the Mediterranean as a contested yet central space, and tracks how the sea was used not just as a resource, but as an opportunity for predation and personal advancement. The main questions will be: what is a pirate, and who has the power to apply that label to others.


This guide links you to library research for your course. It contains ebooks, articles, databases, journals, as well as video tutorials on how to get the results you need.

Topics include how to:

❖ use the search boxes on the library homepage: Article Quick Search, Catalog and Journal by Subject
❖ search in databases
❖ get full text of articles
❖ use interlibrary loan
❖ create citations
❖ get help from the librarians.