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PSYC.4774: Seminar in Contemporary Trends: Psychology of Globalization - Hostetler


Seminar in Contemporary Trends: Psychology of Globalization (PSYC.4774)

Psychology Department, UMass Lowell

This seminar will focus on the social and psychological effects of globalization. Specifically, we will address how processes of globalization impact psychological functioning and development (including in the areas of identity, personality, mental health, and aging) and social relations (within families, between generations, within and between nations). We will also explore the implications of global change for human rights and social and economic justice.

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Course Objectives

Through course assignments, in-class exercises, and discussions students will:

  • Summarize, synthesize, analyze, and draw conclusions from primary sources
  • Articulate, support, and defend a position by effectively using different modes of communication
  • Distinguish between facts and opinions and critically evaluate stereotypes and popular ideas about generational differences
  • Compare and contrast different generational positions and perspectives for the purpose of advancing mutual understanding between individuals of different ages
  • Reflect on the ethical dimensions of intergenerational relations, including the negative consequences of intergenerational conflict and the potential benefits to societies and the planet of intergenerational solidarity and cooperation  



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