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Please note that all microfilm copies of UML dissertations are on the 2nd floor of Lydon Library. Paper copies of dissertations are also kept at Lydon Library in storage. Dissertations do not circulate. To view the paper copy of a dissertation, you must fill out a request form. The dissertation will be ready within 24 hours at the Lydon Access Services Desk.

All UML Dissertations from 1992 to the present are available online and free to download.


Indexes to Books

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These indexes enable you to know what books exist. Search the UML Library Catalog. If we don't own the books, try the Virtual Catalogs and then Interlibrary loans.

Reference Sources


  • Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. 36v. REF TP 9 U57. "A" volumes 1-28 contain information on chemicals and processes. "B" volumes 1-8 contain basic knowledge for chemical engineers
  • Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design. vol 1-63 REF TP 9 .E66. Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering. 1985. 18v. REF TP 1087 .E46.  Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology. 2003. 3rd ed. REF TP 1110 .E53 v. 1-8 issued so far.
  • Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology.  5v. REF TP 248.3 .F57 1999. Now available online in Knovel.

  • Encyclopedia of Separation Technology. 2v. REF TP 156.S45 E53 1997.


  • Polymeric Materials Encyclopedia. 1996. 12v. REF TP 1110.P65.
  • Handbook of Chemical Processing Equipment. REF TP 155.7 .C53 1999.
  • Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations.  3rd ed. REF TP 149 .H285 2004.
  • ASHRAE Handbooks:

    Refrigeration Systems and Applications. REF TH 7201.A8571 1998.

    Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning Systems and Equipment. REF TH 7015 .A74 2000.

    Fundamentals. REF TH 7201 .A857 2001.

    HVAC Engineering Handbook. REF TH 7215.P584 1991.


    Means Building Construction Cost Data. Means, 2001. REF TH 435.B84 2001.

    Means Electrical Cost Data 1998. Means, 1997. REF TK 435.M42 1998.

    Means Facilities Construction Cost Data. Means, 2000. REF TH 435.M425 2000.

    Means Heavy Construction Handbook: a Practical Guide to Estimating and Accounting Methods, Operations/Equipment Requirements,...REF TA 210 R56 1993.

    Means Labor Rates for the Construction Industry. Means, 1994. REF HD 4966.B92 U43 1994.

    Means Mechanical Estimating: Standards and Procedures. Means, 1987. REF TH6010 .M43 1987.

    Means Mechanical Cost Data. Means, 1998. REF TH 435 .M435 1998.

    Means Repair and Remodeling Cost Data 1998: Commercial/Residential. Means, 1997. REF TH 3411 .R6 1998.

    Means Square Foot Costs. REF TH 435.M44

    National Construction Estimator. REF TH 435 .N3 1994.

    Petroleum Engineering Handbook. Ref TN 870 .P493 1989.

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