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EDUC.6930: Organizational Learning

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Welcome to  Organizational Learning

This course will introduce students to research and theory in the field of organizational learning and its application to PK-12 practice. Students will study the origins, evolution and contemporary findings of research in this field. Students will explore the practical implications of organizational learning for PK-12 leadership.

In this course guide you will find links to reading, as well as support for library research.

Using These Ebooks

Some of the ebook titles below limit the number of simultaneous users. If you find you can't access the book, just wait a while and try again.

The best approach is to download or email to yourself the maximum number of pages the publisher allows for the title.

If the book is in the Proquest platform, once you log out of the book, you can log back in to it again 24 hours later and download the maximum allowable pages again.

In the case of books on the Ebsco platform, the allowable download limit resets every time you log out and log back in again. 

Full book download has been disabled. It is not a good approach in any case, since the access is temporary.