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Market Research: Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials

How to Find SEC Filings in Nexis Uni

Asking what med or med device to bring to market (via clinical trials) requires details about the market; e.g. medical conditions, current therapies, etc.  That’s standard market research data (demographics, behaviors, competitors, etc)

Publicly-held companies initiating or planning to initiate clinical trials are required to file with the SEC.  The filings are available on Nexis Uni.

Start at Advanced Search (under the main search box)


nexis uni home page


and then select: Select a specific content type.

Select  > Company and Financial,


 Then select SEC Filings.
 Search “clinical trials" and either: “phase 2” or “phase 3”  or “stage 2” or “stage 3”. Enter a date range and source if you know of one.

You can also just do an ALL NEXIS search, and will get news releases, many drawn from the SEC or international regulators.