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Libya in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Sidi Muhammad Idris al-Mahdi al-Senussi
Sidi Muhammad Idris al-Mahdi al-Senussi, King of Libya 
Photographer unknown   PD    CC0

Focus of the Guide

This guide focuses on primary sources from 1951-1969 that would allow users to form a picture of public opinion in Libya regarding King Idris al-Sanusi. Also including sources on US or UK policy during the same years vis-a-vis Libya.
A search through British documents in the Confidential Print on Egypt may reveal information on neighboring Libya. Guide is focused on the research question: How did  the Sanusi kingdom of king Idris lose the legitimacy enjoyed by the Sanusi order during its fight against Italian colonialism?
King Idris' economic policy vis-a-vis British and US oil interests 
US and British military bases (within the context of the cold war)
Libya's geopolitical disposition in the context of the Cold War during Idris' reign vs. Gadafi's
The role of the Sanusi Order from 1951-1971
Gadafi's message and its appeal to certain demographics