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LGST. 2620: Introduction to Business Law

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Introduction to Business Law

This course introduces the student to the differences between tort and criminal law. This course also introduces the student to all aspects of contract law including agreement, consideration, capacity, legality, writing requirements, third party rights, performance and remedies. This course also covers agency law concerning all situations where one party is working for another in the business world. This course helps students identify all major types of business organizations. This course is highly recommended for business students, pre-law students, CPAs and paralegals.

  • Distinguish the differences between criminal and civil law with regards to the plaintiff, the degree of evidence, the verdict outcome and the punishment outcome. 
  • Identify the requirements and types of contracts, the necessary elements, the performance outcomes, breach and remedies. 
  • Understand the rules of agency, types of agency relationships and duties and liabilities of the principal and agent. 
  • Identify the major types of business organizations. The formation of business organizations including rights and liabilities will be identified. The dissolution of the business organizations will also be discussed.