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PSYC.1010: Introduction to Psychological Science

photo of Sigmund Freud holding a cigar
Sigmund Freud, by Max Halberstadt, PD

Welcome to Professor Kinney's Course, Introduction to Psychological Science 

An introduction course that focuses on application of the scientific method to major areas of psychology: biological, cognitive, developmental, social and personality, and mental and physical health. The course addresses the importance of social and cultural diversity, ethics, variations in human functioning, and applications to life and social action, both within these areas and integrated across them. The research basis for knowledge in the field is emphasized. Intended as an introductory course for both non-concentrators and concentrators. 


Required Text

Myers, D. & DeWall, C. N.  (2018),  Psychology, 12th edition, New York: Worth Publishers/Macmillan

Copies of the text are on reserve at the circulation desks of both O'Leary and Lydon Librarys.